The Horror Section – The Wolfman

This is a great movie, and honestly one of the best werewolf movies of all time. It didn’t do well at the box office, because they released it in February, and people usually shy away from big-name remakes. Things like My Bloody Valentine, they can get away with that because no one really knows about it. Friday The 13th, a remake is just going to be another installment basically. But The Wolfman? That’s a cherished film. Anyways, I’ll just repost my original review I did when it came out. Oh, and I should mention that I would try and get the unedited version, because it’s even better than the theatrical one.

The original Wolfman is easily one of the most popular horror characters of all time. As much as the werewolf is loved, it doesn’t have that many great movies featuring the lycans. So, I’d say it’s about time that Hollywood gets back to the good shit and try and crank out some Howling type material.

The first step in that direction is the remake of 1941 classic The Wolfman. Most folks think that remakes are DOA. I however, welcome remakes. Sure, a lot of the time they can suck, but a lot of the time they’re not only just as good as the original, but they surpass them.

What’s the verdict this time? Well, let’s dig it…

Del Toro was great as the actor/brother who’s come to find out what happened to his now missing brother. He soon finds out what’s the deal, and gets the business end of a werewolf. I thought the whole dynamic of ‘what’s happening to me?’ was great, as he seemed to know, but didn’t want to admit it. Also, having the town have the same idea yet not have any proof was great as well.

The real treat, is when he finally turns into the werewolf. I was afraid he’d be all CGI, and perhaps look more like a Howling werewolf. I have no beef with that style, but I was looking for a bit of change. In this movie, I think it’s the best werewolf ever shown. He’s a hurking best who’s very much half man, half wolf. Everything about him is menacing, while paying homage to the original and devloping it’s own original key points. In the original, the Wolfman just chokes people. I understand why, but it was a bit of a let down. In this one, however, he rips people apart. Literally. It was so satisfying to see him rip limbs, gut people, tear off heads, and just be an all around awesome monster. It was fantastic. They also blended the CGI nicely, as it was used sparingly, and only when needed.

The relationship between Talbot and his brother’s former fiance, Gwen, was nice. It wasn’t pushed down our throats, it was just a nice, subtle romance that we only saw the very seedlings of before things got going. We also didn’t have the obvious declerations of love at the last moment from both parties.

Hopkins was great as well. He seemed like just the type to wonder around his large estate, becoming a bit of a deranged hermit. I thought it was great that he’d let guilt and such keep his secret confined to a catacomb, but as his sanity slipped away, so did his care for others.

The setting for the movie was incredible. The old London villages with fog, street lamps, and overall motif. Just an awesome, awesome look. Mix that with the great acting, effects, and pace, you can’t miss.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Horror Section – The Wolfman”

  1. I feel there are so many ways that the remake pays homage to the original that were missed in this review. The whole time I was in the theater watching I was keeping one beady eye out for several key points – and if they hadn’t been there I would have deep-sixed the whole thing. BUT they were, and Del Toro was great as Talbot, in look and mannerism. I loved the film and now want to go watch it again!!!

    • I have to be honest, I haven’t seen a TON of the Universal classics.

      I know, I know. I call myself a horror fan and I haven’t even seen Frankenstein.

      I’ve only seen Wolfman once or twice in my life. And both times were when I was a kid. So, unless they did a thing where Wolfman choked someone instead of eating them, or they did that awesome transformation from the original, I wouldn’t have caught it.

      But I’m glad you dug the remake, as a good portion of people didn’t, and I couldn’t understand why. The extended version is even better.

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