The Horror Section – Cursed

Kevin Williamson the writer, Wes Craven the director. Entertainment-boner guaranteed.

In case you’re unaware, Kevin wrote the Scream trilogy [and unfortunately, part 4], as well as The Faculty, and Halloween H20. He re-teemed with Wes to create a werewolf movie, and one of the better ones.

The film is about a brother & sister who happen to have the misfortune of running into a werewolf one night after a car crash, the werewolf gets a piece of them both, but doesn’t finish the job. Naturally, as we all know, a wolf bite turns one into a werewolf. The brother catches on pretty quick, with the sister dwelling in denial. She works at a TV station, and is having an on-again off-again relationship with Joshua Jackson.

Her brother is in high school and reaping the benefits of being a werewolf, attracting chicks, and whooping ass on the wrestling team. It gives him confidence he never had before, along with a sense of unlimited power.

However, things aren’t all gravy as a werewolf is running lose and slaughtering people left and right. A mixture of cgi and puppets bring the werewolf to life, and the effects make the kills look fantastic. You’re always geeked when the werewolf appears, because the scenes are intense, it’s great I couldn’t be happier that they didn’t wimp out and go with stupid CGI-wolf all the time. They use it when it’s needed, but don’t get stupid about it.

The movie has Kevin’s classic sense of “whodunit” with a supernatural element. It’s a great film that parallels the tribulations of life with that of being a werewolf. Hell, who hasn’t been down that road?

3 and 3/4 Zombie Bites outta 5. Dig it.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 28, 2011.

One Response to “The Horror Section – Cursed”

  1. i will have to give the pacey film a try, the mighty duck himself, triple deek. hey tone down the boner talk, I’m gonna start thinking you like the cock. haha. you and Paula both say dig it too much

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