The Horror Section – Red State

OK, so it isn’t a horror film. It starts off like one, but who gives a shit. It’s my review, and I’ll cry if I want to.

Red State is the tale of a few precocious youths who decide that they’re going to go on a rendezvous with a gross old lady who’s hard up for teenagers. Naturally, it all goes bad, and they end up kidnapped by a crazy, cult like church, known as The 5 Points.

Writer/Director Kevin Smith obviously based this church on the real life Westboro Baptist Church located in Kansas. From the entire church being related, to the protesting of funerals for gay people as well as anyone else who’s had salsa made in New York City [NEW YORK CITY?!]. This, for me, is the best part of the film because there’s nothing better than having an antagonist you cannot wait to see get theirs. So, even if the film sucked, watching a representation of the Westboro getting blown to bits, person by person would make this a must-see.

Tension is built all through out this film as we delve deeper and deeper into the lives of these psychos, and know full well that things are not going to end well, for anyone. Watching an innocent kid, locked in a cage, screaming for help as the congregation continues singing their hymms, as if the kid isn’t even there is a great scene. It explains how disturbed these people are in one scene than an entire movie of dialogue and actions could ever do.

John Goodman is kick ass, as usual. He’s really under-rated when talks of great actors start up. Micheal Parks is great as the calm, charming, and completely insane pastor, Abin Cooper.

All in all, a great film, and although it’s not horror, it’s plenty creepy enough to deserve an October viewing.

4 Outta 5 Zombie Bites


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 29, 2011.

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