The Only Review Of Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings That You’ll Ever Need

Year: 2011
Director: Decian O’Brien
Stars: No One

You know how characters in horror films always do the dumbest shit? Well, we now have the single stupidest moment ever. The moment that caused me to just fast forward through chunks of the film because of how far out of reality I was taken.

You’re trapped in a giant building. It’s real cold out, and there’s a snow storm. There’s also 3 mutant, cannibalistic hillbillies who live inside this building. They’ve decapitated one of your friends with barbwire, then tied down another one, cut chunks of flesh off of him, then ate it while he watched before dying. Well, you and your friends get the surprise drop on’em, and get’em locked in a cell. EVERYONE wants to set these guys on fire and kill them. But then a stupid-ass girl says “NO! Don’t do that! Don’t kill them! You’re not them!” so then you don’t. YOU FUCKING DON’T. Then what?! Then just ONE person takes watch. So then they get out and eventually kill everyone.

I’m dead serious. That’s the exact bullshit happened. Who in there RIGHT MIND would let a women make decisions? Then, who in there RIGHT MIND would make a choice like that? I’m not even gonna bother making a clear, decisive review.

This movie fucking sucks. It’s just as bad as part 3. The kills are crap, there’s digital blood, poorly done digital effects, and just some bland shit all around. The hillbillies aren’t nearly as cool as they were in part’s 1 and 2. I’ve NEVER, I repeat I’ve NEVER  cared-less about characters in a horror film. There’s like, 20 of’em. Now, other horror films have done the large group before, but they at least flesh out a few of them. Nope. Not here. It’s so stock it’s like the writer, who’s also the director, bought a crappy-slasher template program for Windows and ctrl+c  ctrl+p’ed his ass off.

FUCK. This film is so stupid. Do not watch it. DO NOT.

0 Zombie Bites out of 5


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 30, 2011.

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