Soon this’ll be bought out by Vince, then Shane & Stephanie will run it as they re-start The Alliance!

CM Punk on Twitter
“You could’ve been anything you wanted, and you decided to be just like everybody else.”

I think this quote would have meant more to me if I wasn’t fifteen.

News! from the thejohnreport.net
At Survivor Series Sin Cara injured himself jumping to the outside onto, I think Hunico in the Survivor Series tag elimination match. Really this doesn’t have any affect on me and I think most of the wrestling crowd agrees with me here. Cara’s run in WWE has just been odd, they’ve tried to push him but he’s just not suited for WWE for whatever reason. He hasn’t had a great match and his whole run has been really, really weird. I don’t really care if he comes back and they “push him” (stick him in the midcard and have him go over Danielson) or just quit.

Brodus Clay didn’t show up and John L. didn’t mention him though I’m guessing they were scrambling to put more things on the show because Jonah Hill didn’t show up.

Warrior’s starting his own reality show and it looks like the greatest show ever. Just watch the Trailers for it.
1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7BZd7mEDrE and 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52hiV8RPHGE&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

R-Truth’s in trouble for smoking synthetic weed and I’m absoultely shocked Punk hasn’t kicked him and Bourne in the face yet. Actually I talked to a pro wrestler who was in the indies and he had actually worked with Punk and Danielson (he was a really good worker too and he was in a wheelchair because he needed to have surgery on his knees, though I can’t remember his name), anyway he smoked weed and Punk knew about it, didn’t really care. It would of been cooler if Punk put him in the Andaconda or something but he didn’t. :( Anyway Truth’s going to be gone for a while which could mean a push for the Miz and by push I mean guy that get’s to be squashed by Cena at TLC.
Another thing that bugged me, I never knew TLC stood for tender loving care, my Mom just told me last week.

Morrison’s still not wrestling and I couldn’t care less. Morrison can have great matches but WWE’s just done such a great job of making me not care about Morrison that I don’t. Its not like Morrison has a cult indie following like Punk did when E pulled shit like this on him, Morrison’s just that guy who used to come out with Melina and “that other guy” that also wrestled Jeff Hardy a couple of times.

Booker T could be coming back for a feud with Cody Rhodes. As long as Cody Rhodes goes over and Booker goes back to doing the best commentating ever (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCI-GiwH9Uc) I’ll be happy.

Trish Stratus has said she wants to wrestle Kharma when she returns. Well I love Trish and they’re both really good women wrestlers, now the thing is will Trish come back full time or will she stay and spice up the Diva’s division because it really needs some um, spicing up. Kharma, Beth Phoniex, and Natyla can’t do it alone Trish! They need some good faces.

Carlito has said he wants to come back to WWE. Yes, he can finally win the Intercontinetal Title and then job to Sheamus in three star matches on Smackdown.

Kelly Kelly had a court date on Friday for running a red light. It would of been kind of funny if the police officer started hitting on her or something like that and let her go without having to pay anything. “Hey baby, you like my gun? I like my gun too.” Don’t really have anything to say about this but I can’t imagine this helps Kelly’s image at all.

CM Punk has been doing interviews all over the freaking place and they’re all awesome. I have bwe’s CM Punk’s page saved because its awesome and shows any new CM Punk content.


Its also a discussion board and if you go through it you can find old Punk interviews and fun stuff too, like him telling Candains he hates Canada and that this isn’t a worked promo, he really hates Canada.

Undertaker says he’s ready to come back which sucks because that means that video package thingy probably is Undertaker and not Chris Freaking Jericho. :(

WWE’s really into Twitter because its what all the hip and cool kids are doing… or something.

Tommy Dreamer started his own show and I refuse to watch it because its Tommy Dreamer and he hasn’t been socially relevant since like 1999 and I was three then.

Billy Corgan, the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, has started up a new wrestling program, Resistance Pro, in Chicago. I wonder if CM Punk will show up and say shooty things.


Well this show started off with a CM Punk promo that was… way too facey for me. Punk’s still amazing and this promo was still the best of the show but the whole premise was that, for the last two weeks he said that he’s going to show us all how much he’s going to make the WWE intresting again and then he goes out and tells people how important it was for him to win the title. I mean, he didn’t really change anything, he didn’t do commentary, he didn’t Ref, he didn’t come out during a random match or anything like that. He just cut a promo and then wrestled. Still awesome though and he called Johnny Ace a douchebag on a PG show so there’s a plus.

Sheamus beat Swagger in a rematch and the world shrugged. Its just a decent match, these guys styles don’t really compliment each other but they’re not bad either. I’m guessing they put this out though because Hill was supposed to come out so I’m not really going to blame them for that. Any wrestling match is hard to do on the fly and these guys had wrestled the week before so it fit.

Kevin Nash came out and made snarky comments that no one cares about. This makes no sense though I’m sure in Nash’s mind and Creative it makes sense. “So Nash is going to go out and say a bunch of shooty things and the smart crowd is going to eat it hook, line and sinker.” The problem is the smart crowd knows this is stupid and the marks don’t know what the fuck is going on. Hell, I wasn’t even around in 1995, the only reason i know what he’s talking about is because of a combnation of seeing everything good from WWE online and Scott Keith, and other reviewers reviews. This isn’t smart and if they were going to build a feud I think it would be better if they just had Nash kick Trips’s ass instead of just taking him out with a hammer.

Cody Rhodes came out and sqaushed Santino and then threw water in Booker T’s face because he watches the show damn it! Cody Rhodes is so cool.

CM Punk wrestled Dolph Ziggler in the best match on Raw since… I don’t know Shawn/Cena from 2007. I mean Dolph Ziggler’s taunt was a fucking handstand. How sick is that? Too sick, that’s the answer. Just a great match all around. I really liked how they made the near-falls seem belivable too. For example Ziggler hit a slam from behind and Punk made it look like he was going to win due to that by kicking out really late. Of course, this couldn’t be the main event because we had to have Cena make “funny” jokes.

Kane’s coming back with his mask. Maybe he’ll even come back with good workrate!

Kofi jobbed to Wade Barrett, see this match would of been badass in 2010 but both guys have been so de pushed this means absoultely nothing.

John Cena made “funny” jokes and Truth and Miz broke up from their bro-mance.


~ by Caliber Winfield on November 28, 2011.

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  1. Cody Rhodes IS cool, his laugh is the best. santino sucks, god I hate him, Caliber thinks santino is some sort of fucking god, I just don’t get it, I don’t. santino is basically another doink the clown, we don’t ned him around.

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