Caliber’s In & Out thoughts on TLC

I didn’t want to write up a full review, so I’ll just offer my quick thoughts on the high spots.

Ryder d. Zigger – Wins the US Championship

I really feel like with the win & subsequent angle that this really brought up the value of the US Championship. They put on a great match, and the crowd was 100% behind Ryder. It was awesome to see his dad in the crowd, decked out in Ryder gear, and totally loose it when his son won. I love to see things like that, especially with guys like Ryder who went out and made his push happen on his own.

Triple H d. Kevin Nash – Sledgehammer Ladder Match

I know a lot of the IWC bitched & moaned about this, but I was really looking forward to it. I like Nash as a wrestler, as he usually puts on a quality performance. He’s never been in a ladder match, so I was anxious to see how this would play out. I wasn’t disappointed, as they went out there and did a damn fine job for almost 20 minutes. I mean, how often have we seen Nash sail through a table? I thought they brought it just fine.

CM Punk d. The Miz & Alberto Del Rio – Retains WWE Championship in TLC Match

This being the match of the night is no surprise. CM Punk is the veteran of one of my favorite TLC’s of all time, the one again Jeff Hardy that sent him packing from the WWE. This was non-stop, and worth the price of admission. The spots with the handcuffs were great, as it proved CM Punk’s cunning and desire to retain the championship. A lot of great spots sewed together with top notch wrestling. Also,any match where The Miz doesn’t win a title is, as Stone Cold would say, a good day at the office.

Random Thoughts:
Glad to see The Big Show in better shape. I have to assume that Mark Henry is hurt, since the match didn’t last very long.

I have to wonder just where they’re going to go with Bryan. I mean, he did say he’d wait to WM, then went back on his word. Are we going to see Show v Bryan at WM28? A big part of me wants that not to happen, but if anyone could get a decent match out of Show, it’d be him.

Nice to see Booker in action, he can still go. I also love the classic IC Title look. I honestly think that the classic look actually makes the title worth more. I also wonder, doesn’t Intercontinental mean all the continents? Isn’t that what the World Championship represents?

I can’t believe a perfectly healthy Cena wasn’t anywhere to be found on the PPV, very cool.


~ by Caliber Winfield on December 20, 2011.

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  1. This reviews in my fav five!

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