New website, hoorah!

Hey, buckshots.

I’ve launched a new website, and for some reason I’ve announced it everywhere but here. We’ll assume it’s less because I’m an idiot, and more because I know you guys spend days just trying to play catch up with all the awesome stuff I’m writing. Yeah, that’ll do.

So, I came up with the idea to completely recap the entire year of 2000 in WCW. The absolutely worst, most atrocious year of professional wrestling that any major company has EVER put on. This is truly a project that I’m sacrificing my good health for, just to entertain you guys.

I’m bringing along Sebastian, as he’ll review a Nitro, then I’ll review one, then he will, and so on. I couldn’t do this all by myself, because by the time I reached Superbrawl someone would have found me dead in my room from a self-inflicted jumping up my own ass. As for the PPVs, well I’m gonna try and get some big names to do those, just to bring in some more point of views. I can’t officially say who has agreed yet, but you’ll know who they are. When I can’t get a big wig, then Sebastian & I will both review it. is the address. So, go there and enjoy the fruits of our sacrifices.


~ by Caliber Winfield on January 22, 2012.

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