Caliber takes a serious side, for a moment…

Normally I’m hang, banging and slanging like an Orangutang gang, and having a damn good time. Every once in a while I get serious. I try not to get too heavy, because I don’t want to harsh anyone’s mellow. But I have to talk about this.

Has anyone seen these “I will give up ____ until abortion is illegal!” videos?

They make be absolutely sick. Really, you pathetic wimp, you’re gonna give up netflix, or taco bell, or your iPod until abortion ends? You think THAT’S a sacrifice? What on Earth would you truly know about sacrifice? The greatest sacrifice anyone can make is when a woman knows she cannot provide for a child, and give it a bright future, so she decides to have an abortion. Do you think this decision comes easy, you thoughtless, spineless, asinine morons? Do you think that this is something she WANTS to do?! NO!!

But she has the decency, and good sense to know that an unwanted, and uncared for child is just about the worst thing this World has to offer. Yet here you all go, saying you’ll give up chilly fries until these women decide to have these kids who grow up neglected, or beaten, or dirt poor, until they’re old enough to continue the cycle of bad decisions and help escalate the crime rate.

Were any of you pig-headed, self-absorbed troglodytes aware that when abortion was finally made legal, that crime went down across the board? No, you didn’t.

If your insulting request for a woman’s rights to be taken away stems from your ridiculous religion, then let me ask you this. Didn’t God give us free will? Did he say that we’re allowed to make our own choices? So, if he did, who are you to say what we can and cannot do with our own bodies? Are you saying you know better than God? It’s no major shock to me if you think you do.

You self-absorbed sissies are the most pathetic of any generation I’ve ever seen. You really think giving up going bowling on Monday nights is the way to protest something? Sure, you have a MAJOR belief, so long as it doesn’t become too inconvenient.

Before I end this, I’d like to tell you a story. A friend of mine has a mom who’s worked at an elementary school for years. Well, there’s one kid who always looks beat down, and dead tired. One day, she decided to ask him what was up, and you know what the deal was? The mom would go out to the bars every night, and let this kid fend for himself, and his 3 year old brother. They didn’t even bother keeping the fridge plugged in, because there was never anything in it. The kid said for Christmas, he’d hope that Santa would bring him something. Anything. It didn’t matter.

Hearing that story absolutely ripped my guts out. I think of something like this every time one of you insensitive, self-righteous punks want to rant about abortion. You want more kids to end up like this? Who knows, his mom may have had the abortion, but some pseudo-do-gooder might have tried to talk her out of it, thus making sure that her kid has a LIFETIME of misery. Or try reading the story about Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer who’s life story [well, half of it] was turned into the film Monster. These things are the results of children who are raised by parents that should never be parents.

Yes, it’d be awesome if people didn’t have sex if they weren’t ready for the responsibility, but people make mistakes. God-bless any woman and man who’ve ever had to go through the heart-wrenching decision of not having a child they couldn’t take care of. Because it’s the most selfless act anyone can do, and it truly makes our society better. Kids don’t deserve abuse. They don’t deserve foster care. They deserve warm, caring parents. But you souless people think it’s a good idea to give up salad dressing in hopes that it takes away any chance of a child never having to feel pain.

On another note, for those who aren’t annoying enough to make a video, they do something really obnoxious like “change your picture to a baby giving a DR a powerbomb! In order to help stop abortion!”. You’re all just a bunch of lazy brats who don’t know anything about truly fighting for something you believe in.

Do you think that Martin Luther King JR would say something like “Oh, change your Facebook photo to different types of transportation in order to protest what the public transit system is doing to us!”? Absolutely not. He actually went out and DID SOMETHING. You idiots changing your profile photo to help stop animal abuse are a whole new level of stupid and lazy. For all those people who went to the streets to protest the Vietnam War, do you think they’d just say “Hey, sign this online petition to stop the war! Peace!”. No, you idiots. You distasteful, disrespectful, vapid morons.

I’ve refrained from using profanity in my little piece here, so, before I’d go I’d like to say…

Fuck you, and go jump up your own ass.


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 8, 2012.

One Response to “Caliber takes a serious side, for a moment…”

  1. Very well written.

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