Minute Man Reviews – April 9th, 2012

Got a few reviews for you guys, ones that you may or may not be on the fence about, and now thanks to your boy, you’ll know the deal. As always, you are welcome.

21 Jump Street
March 16th, 2012

As we know, this film is a remake of an 80’s TV show of the same name. That’s a big thing these days, remaking just about anything you can. However, this film gets a free pass damn near from the get go by acknowledging that all studios & people do is rehash things, and are constantly void of any real substance. That rocked, and they earned my respect.

Now, for the film, it’s pretty good. Jonah Hill is fantastic in a comedic role, and Channing Tatum’s talent is probably more suited for something like this than trying to be an action hero. He’s too pretty.

It’s all a pretty simple formula. Where today, the most popular form of comedic character is the wanna-be bad-ass who has a massively inflated ego but in reality he’s a bit of a douche. You see this stuff all the time now,  and while I’m sure it’s soon to wear out it’s welcome, it still works. Although Kenny Powers will live forever.

As it goes, 2 bike cops [think Pacific Blue] get reasigned to an undercover deal in high school. Hill, who was a nerd in high school, ends up becoming the popular kid, and Tatum ends up being a bit of a douche. It works, and gives us the invevitable story arch of “friends are now mad at each other” thing that most buddy films will give you.

In the end, you do laugh out loud, get some cool action scenes, and a surprising cameo.

***3/4 stars out of 5

January 13th, 2012

Mark Wahlberg is definitely one of the top 3 action stars we’ve got today. When I see him beating some ass, or killing someone, I believe it. Now, when you add one of the best actors today, Giovanni Ribisi, and a guy I’m liking more and more, Ben Foster, you’ve got a pretty solid cast.

Contraband is about a guy [Wahlberg] who use to be thee smuggler in the game, and is forced out of retirement in order to bail out his step-brother who’s fucked up while trying to smuggle in coke. Ben Foster is his long time partner,  Ribisi plays the villain, and plays it well.

The film sort of works like the Transporter films, in that Wahlberg is a complete bad-ass who rocks an undercover edge, and is capable of doing all things bad, but for a good cause. Or at least a cause. The whole film is packed with action, from fights, shoot-outs, robberies, and of course, smuggling. It’s really awesome to see all the clever hide-outs for the goods, and the methods they use to trick people in order to bring in the goods. The movie doesn’t just rely on style over substance, as it has a great story with some twists. Very much worth checking out.

****1/4 out of 5

American Reunion
April 6th, 2012

When I was 15, I had a friend working at a movie theater, and he told me about how this one trailer had people laughing louder and longer than anything else he’d seen. He couldn’t remember the title of the film, but he told me it involved a kid fucking an apple pie. So, naturally, I was intrigued. I saw it twice in theaters, and when it came out on video my friends and I would gather at each other’s houses and watch it all the time.  We all went to see part 2, and one of my friend’s said he felt like he could have watched the guys hang out for hours. As for the 3rd one, well, the less said the better. It sucked.

Well, needless to say, I’ve grown up with these films, and they were a big part of my teenage years. So, I was pretty stoked to hear that they were going to come out with a real sequel to part 2, with the full cast. None of this DTV bullshit like Beta House, or Band Camp, or some other film that takes place in the 1500’s and we deal with Lord Duke of Stiffler or something.

American Reunion doesn’t break any new ground. It doesn’t need to. I watch American Pie with expectations. I want some boobies, some one’s mom to get fucked, Stiffler being awesome, and some boobies. Needless to say, this film brought it in all in spades. It was a very by-the-numbers plot, but that’s exactly what I wanted, so I wasn’t disappointed at all. It felt really cool to get back in touch with these characters, especially since I’m at the same place they are in life. Where you realize that you’re far removed from high school, that you’re an adult, and it may be taking longer to achieve what you were going for, or that things aren’t exactly what you thought they’d be. I mean, even though they’re fictional, it’s just nice to see others going through the same things that you are.

It really is a great film, and honestly it’s the best one since the first. I’d really like to see another film, as this whole cast just clicks really well, and watching their lives is damn entertaining.

****1/2 out of 5


~ by Caliber Winfield on April 9, 2012.

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