The Only Review Of Extreme Rules 2012’s Main Events That You’ll Ever Need…

I only watched the main events, because that’s all I could really be bothered to care about, to be honest.

Sheamus [C] vs Daniel Bryan – 2/3 Falls for the World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus has finally shown the rest of us what Triple H has seen in him. He went out there and hung with the best technical wrestler today, in one hell of an exciting match. They started off with the traditional style of wrestling, trading locks & holds back and forth. Once they elevated past that, they beat the hell out of each other to try and score that first win. It was great to see Bryan get viscous, and draw the DQ for refusing to quit kicking Sheamus’ shoulder, that was a great play. Once he hit the Yeslock, causing Sheamus to pass out, you really thought that it could go either way.

I was pissed at the WM match up, but in hindsight, it wasn’t a bad move. As it gave a real reason for having 2 out of 3 falls, gave Sheamus a chance to prove he’s no fluke champion, and also showed that Bryan deserves to be a main event star. One hell of a match, with a nice, clean finish.

Sheamus hits the Brouge Kick for the 2nd pin, at 23:01

CM Punk [C] vs Chris Jericho – Chicago Street for the WWE Championship

Yes. Hell yes. This is exactly why I was so excited for Jericho to return, because I knew who ever he’d get put with, I’d be guaranteed at least one classic. After Sheamus & Bryan put on one of the best technical matches we’d seen in years, Punk & Jericho come out to deliver a match that’s the exact opposite, and even BETTER. It’s not often that matches have me sitting & cheering, and getting completely absorbed into what’s on the screen, but they did just that. I knew what the finish was, and I was STILL marking out at the near falls. This was absolutely brutal, and a war not seen since Jericho took on Shawn in the Unsanctioned Match.

They played this so well, with Jericho keeping up his taunts, and Punk losing it on several occasions. I absolutely loved this. One of my Top 5 all time favorite matches. No joke. Match of the year.
CM Punk hits the GTS for the pin at 25:10

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar – Extreme Rules Match

BLOOD! Yes! I was so happy to finally see blood in a match, and a match that absolutely needs it.

I didn’t think this match was nearly as great as others did, but I still loved it. This was the first time that I was actually doubting Cena’s invincibility, as he was being brutalized. But at the same time, he just wouldn’t quit. I loved when he looked at Brock, and gave him the “You can’t see me”. Brilliant.

One thing I realized while I was watching this match, is that I wish Cena was around when I was growing up. When I was in 8th grade, I was bulled a lot. It sucked. Now, if the 14 year old me had seen this match, had seen Cena not giving up, no matter what, it would have inspired me. I would have stood up to my bullies instead of backing down like I always did. It’s one of the reasons I respect Cena so much, because he truly is a fantastic role model. I would have loved to have his influence growing up.

Now, people complained about Brock losing, but who cares? I don’t see Brock as any less of a monster. Cena got lucky, that’s all. He was absolutely destroyed in this match. Brock is the biggest monster  I think I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Who the hell can stop him? Cena won by chance, that’s it. Lesnar manhandled him.

I applaud the ‘E for going a different route with this match, because it was damn entertaining, and has me really looking forward to Lesnar’s next outing.

Cena hits the AA on the steel steps for the pin at 17:45

As a side note, how fantastic was the Chicago crowd for chanting Goldberg during the Ryback match? Love that…


~ by Caliber Winfield on May 2, 2012.

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