An Interview With….Matt of Botchamania

Sorry that updates have been lacking, but I’ve been putting a lot of work into the book, and that’s taking a good grip of my creative time.

One of the things I have been working on for this website is a series of interviews. I don’t know why, but I’m always interested in other people. I have an in-depth interview with a Muslim coming up, that’s a very interesting read. I have plans to interview a pornstar, and hopefully that goes down, because I think that’d be damn interesting. I mean, how does one prepare for an anal scene?

So, the first interview I’ve got for you guys is a bit of a celebrity in the IWC. Maffew from Botchamania.

For those who don’t know, Botchamania is one hell of an entertaining video series you can find on youtube, or at It’s a collection of the odd-ball things we’ve seen in wrestling, the corny & crappy, and the basic fuck-ups from the wrestlers. It’s massively popular amongst wrestling fans, and wrestlers alike. Since they recently reached over 200 videos, I thought an interview would be interesting. Now, it’s not super in-depth. We don’t find out about the tragic event in Maffew’s life where his parent’s were killed by The Shockmaster, thus he dedicated his life to poking fun at crappy wrestling, or anything like that. It’s just some basic questions I thought a lot the fans might want to know.


Caliber: You’re part of a whole new sort of celebrity. The internet celebrity. Or, if celebrity isn’t the proper description, than we’ll say entrepreneur. Was this what you were hoping for when you started Botchamania?

Maffew: I wasn’t hoping for anything when I started. I just wanted to entertain people. This is still true today but due to the fact it’s really taken off, I would be foolish to NOT try and make a little honest moolah from it. Times are tough for all of us, after all.

Caliber: Do you plan on parlaying the success of it into something else?

  Maffew: I hope to parlay the success into something else, but don’t want to type it in case it doesn’t occur and I look like a bell-end.

Caliber: How did Botchamania get started?

Maffew: I saw some similar videos online that did a lousy job of what looked like a good idea, to the point where I thought ”I could do a better job of that!” I bought some video editing software and did. Well, I tried to anyway. I had enough unused botches to make another one, then some more left out for another one and so on and so forth until here we are today.

Caliber: What sort of programs do you use to create the videos?

Maffew: I use Corel VideoStudio Pro. Currently on the X5 version. There’s certainly better editing software out there, but Corel does the job so i’ve no reason to change.

Caliber: When did you decide to implement the old school gaming aspects?

Maffew: It took me a while to realise that I could use any bloody music I wanted. I was discovering the OCRemix/Minibosses/Dwelling of Duels scene at the same time I was making the videos so it just made sense. I do actually listen to the music when I’m not making videos, which surprised a few of my friends.

Caliber: When did you realize that Botchamania was becoming a big deal?

Maffew: When Monsta Mack and Sonjay Dutt sent me ‘Thank You’ messages. Also Barry Darsow posting on the Botchamania Facebook Page telling me he enjoyed watching the videos with Arn Anderson, and Skinner.  King Kong Bundy had sent them to him.

Caliber: Any other ideas you have coming down the pike? Or are you more than happy with just Botchamania?

Maffew: Listamania should be starting soon, depending on how quick ‘my tech guy’ can make the video titles.

Caliber: What’s your all time favorite Botch?

Maffew: Shockmaster. Nobody does it better.

Caliber: Ever had a wrestler email you, or see you in person and tell you he/she really dug it?

Maffew: BLOODY LOADS. To the point where I am convinced it’s all wrestlers do when they’re not fornicating or serving meat in supermarkets.

Caliber: I’m also lead to believe they play old NES wrestling games with neighbor kids in a trailer park. Anyways, on the flip side of my last question, ever had a wrestler get pissed at you for it? Or perhaps ask that you remove his screw ups?

Maffew: You’d think someone would have by now, but no. I am very fortunate in that aspect, as they’d have every right to say something negative!

Caliber: Outside of The Botch, but still with wrestling, who’s your favorite wrestler?

  Maffew: Favourite wrestler of all time is Mick Foley, closely followed by Joe Le Duc. Neither need explanation. Currently I’d have to say Bobby Roode. He looks and acts exactly how I think wrestlers should look and act like, which is rare nowadays.

Caliber: Mick is a favorite of mine too. I also agree with Bobby, he’s great. How about your favorite match?

  Maffew: Any Vader/Sting match.

Caliber: Favorite PPV?

Maffew: Has to be Wrestlemania X-7. Honourable mention goes to Victory Road 2011, for making me and my friend laugh for five minutes afterwards.

Caliber: How do you feel about the WWE ripping you off with Are You Serious? There’s no way they weren’t hip to Botchamania before starting it.

  Maffew: There’s a TINY bit of Botchamania in it, but it’s more Wrestlecrap than anything else. I feel it’s a good concept poorly executed, as they keep on throwing clips without context and editing the Bejesus out of things that don’t need it, as well as focusing on things that weren’t that damn bad. It amuses me they make fun of stuff like Martel/Roberts, which I liked as a kid and was built for months and ended logically when they have shit like farting women and dancing dwarves in 2012. Road Dogg is funny though.

Caliber: Yeah, it’s kind of like they’re saying “what were we thinking back then? Oh, now? Well NOW we’ve got it right!”. Anyways, that should just about do it, thanks for taking the time, Matt. Good luck with Botchamania and the other projects you’ve got planned.

Maffew: No problem fella.


~ by Caliber Winfield on May 14, 2012.

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  1. *claps*

    You got potential kid. Good interview.

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