Scott Keith’s thoughts on The Man Movie Encyclopedia.

Most of those who come here are fans of pro-wrestling, and no doubt know who Scott Keith is. For those who don’t, he’s probably only 2nd to Dave Metzler when it comes to pro-wrestling knowledge. He’s written multiple books on the subject; Wrestling’s Made Men, One Ring Circus: The Death of the World Wrestling Federation, as well as Dungeon of Death. He also runs Blog of Doom, which you can find the link for to your right. Well, he’s read the book, and has this to say…

“The Man Movie Encyclopedia is so manly that Chuck Norris shaves with it.  It was the original choice to play King Leonidas in 300 but it was too busy killing terrorists at the time. You can fail a UFC drug test due to having too much testosterone just from reading this book.  Although to be fair I might have made up some of those awesome facts.”  – Scott Keith.

So, hop on the good foot and get to ordering it! Simply email me,, let me know, I’ll send you an invoice for a cool $3, and send you the book pronto in any format you desire.


~ by Caliber Winfield on June 7, 2012.

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