Top 5 Raw Matches & Moments w/ Michael Bradley

With the 1 billionth Raw coming up, my big homie Mike Bradley and I thought it apt to do up one of those fancy-pants lists you kids of today are so hip to. Mike took the moments side of things, where’s I went with the matches. I’m sure people are going to widely disagree with my list of matches, but that’s because they DVR The Big Bang Theory so they can watch How I Met Your Mother.

5: Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit – Raw – February 16th, 2004
This on the road to WrestleMania. As Benoit had won the Rumble, thus the right to the title match. Of course, during the night he was to sign the contract, Michaels knocked him out and signed it himself. Thus, why I love wrestling. I head to a patent office and sign my name to the new design of the iPad, I’m not a billionaire, I’m in jail. Anyway, Shawn & Chris went out and had a hell of a match that’s as hard-hitting as I’ve ever seen. Really though, what do you expect from these two? Unfortunately they never had their own feud, which would have probably produced a decent match or two.
Shawn hits the Superkick and pins Chris at about the 18:00 minute mark.

4. John Cena vs Shawn Michaels – Raw – April 23rd, 2007
I remember this rematch to their 5-star WM bout starting at around the 9pm mark, so I figured it’d be a run-in finish in about 10 minutes, and we’d get on with the show. However, an hour later, I knew I’d witnessed history as John Cena went out there and easily hung with one of, if not the greatest of all time for an hour. A lot of matches that go this length usually suffer from down periods, but with this you got your dollar’s worth. They went full tilt the entire time, and brought what some consider to be John Cena’s finest bout.
Shawn avoids an FU and in return hits Cena with the superkick and the pin at about 41:00.

3. RVD vs Christian – Intercontinental Title Match – Raw – September 29th, 2003
I was starting to think that perhaps the ‘E had used up all their earlier great ladder matches for the first release, then this one came along and proved me very wrong. This match is fantastic, and probably the best singles ladder match that either RVD or Christian have been involved in. These guys go full tilt, and really beat the hell out of each other. We get some great false finishes, high spots, and lots of risk. One hell of a match, really.
RVD grabs the belt in about 17-18 minutes.

2. Bret Hart vs The 1-2-3 Kid – WWE Championship Title Match – Raw – July 11th, 1994
Every time I see this match I feel it vindicates anyone who says that Bret is the greatest wrestler of all time. He took a guy who although well known, wasn’t near the level that Bret was at. However, in 18 minutes, Bret changed that entire scene and actually had you thinking that The Kid was capable of greatness. That he could hang with the very best that the WWE had to offer, and perhaps even best them. The match gets a standing ovation, just to cap it off.
Bret grabs The Kid mid-dropkick and forces him to submit via the Sharpshooter around 17 minutes.

1. Edge vs Ric Flair – TLC Match for the WWE Championship – Raw – January 16th, 2006
Edge was smackdab in the middle of the being The Rated R Superstar, when he gave Ric Flair the chance at the gold. The only problem? The man who’d never ventured into the world of hardcore, had to go through a TLC match with the man who’d won most and survived all, Edge. It’s an absolutely brutal affair that sees Ric truly hanging with one of the best in the business. Flowing blood,  smashed tables, and smashed chairs decorated the field where Ric had us believing he could truly do it for a 17th time. Not only the greatest match in Raw history, but one of my all time favorites. Whooo!
Edge snags the title at around 14 minutes.

– With Raw about to air it’s 1000th episode, Caliber came to me and asked if I could pick my top 5 moments or matches from the first 999 episodes. Of all the lists we have done together this one is very hard to narrow down. But I went with the moment route rather than the matches part. So without further ado….

5) New Age Outlaws send Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie on a Dumpster Ride…February 2, 1998
– So were are in the early stages of the Attitude Era and it’s business as usual on a Monday night. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie are in the midst of beating the hell out of each other and here come the Outlaws. What made me remember this the most was watching Shawn Michaels and Triple H getting in their faces and you can visibly see new talent getting the rub right before your eyes. The stunt itself was memorable because WWF was breaking down that forbidden wall. Good guys and bad guys both concerned for the same cause? Great moment.

4) Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show…November 8, 2005
– I loved Eddie. He was always so animated and was looking to get back the title he had held a year earlier. He had re-invented and gotten himself back over and was HUGE at the time of his death. Of the 3 tribute shows WWE had put on (Owen, Eddie, and Benoit) this one had me choked up. I dare anyone to go back and watch the segment with Rey Mysterio talking about Eddie and take his mask off. I got goosebumps again just re-watching it.

3) Pillman’s Got a Gun…November 4, 1996
– This was just so crazy to watch unfold on TV. And Pillman was so great during the whole thing. Kevin Kelly in the background kind of added a cheese factor for me, but still everything else was awesome. The best part for me was watching Austin beating up security guards in the front yard with kid’s toys.

2) Ric Flair’s Farewell…March 31, 2008
– I’m a Hogan guy. But growing up in the south, Ric Flair was the man. Seeing him at house shows headline once a month, you couldn’t help but love the guy. Even as a heel facing Sting in his prime, Flair would get the loudest pop; it’s crazy. I happened to be at the arena the week before when Flair had his final Raw match so to see him get a send-off like that meant a lot to me.

1) Stone Cold Stuns Vince McMahon…September 27, 1997
– What else could be number 1, right? Growing up in the 80’s you see Vince’s face everywhere. Yet, no one EVER touched Vince. The closest was a shoving match between him and Bret earlier that year. Suddenly Steve Austin is STUNNING Vince? WAY over the top with his seizing out with his eyes open. I remember taping that show and rewinding it a good 10 times over and over that night. I just could not believe what I had just witnessed.


~ by Caliber Winfield on July 23, 2012.

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  1. I remember watching Bret vs 1-2-3, back when I thought wrestling was real. Bret was my hero and to see him come close to losing at times made my heart stop. BTW big bang theory doesn’t have to be DVR’ed in order to watch How I met your mother as they are on different nights. Your hatred of NPH and big bang theory boggle my mind

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