The Horror Section – Halloween: H20


I still don’t get it. It’d been 20 years since the movie that made John Carpenter’s career was a huge hit. Everybody was on board. It had a huge backing, and even drafts were being written up by Kevin Williamson. So why on Earth did JC turn down the directing job? Was he too busy planning Escape from Bute, Montana?

Part 5 & 6 not withstanding, 4 was great. Even so, those do not exist in this film. This is a direct sequel to part 2. Laurie Strode has faked her death and now resides in a small town in California with her son. She’s a teacher at a private school, as well as a private alcoholic.  Her son feels smothered, due to her protective nature, and naturally the one time she feels it’s OK to let her guard down, her brother Michael is back in action.

Depending on what day you catch me, H20 is my favorite of the series. The direction is great, the creepy atmosphere from the original is firmly intact, the story is simple and to the point, just like the best entries of the series, and you have actual, interesting characters. Something you could not say for part 5 or 6, save for Dr. Loomis.

This film is just as much a sequel as it is a love letter to the originals. A great slasher that was made during a time when the genre was seeing a massive resurgence thanks to Scream, which was inspired, ironically, by the original Halloween.

5 Head-Butts out of 5


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 15, 2012.

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