Horror Section – Day of the Dead [2008]


This is one of those remakes that should have just given themselves an original name, and stood on their own ground. Comparing yourself to a classic is never going to end up well, so why bother? This film has nothing in common with the original Day of the Dead other than zombies. That’s it. But because it chose the moniker it did, I think it gets judged unfairly.

Because it’s damn good.

The film takes place in a small Colorado town where a flu has broken out. Sarah is from said town but left for the bright-lights of the Army. She’s back now because of the out break, and looking to help out in anyway she can. Along with her are two Privates that go by the names Bud & Salazar. The latter is played by Nick Cannon, and man, he’s the most annoying motherfucker on Earth. He really brings the movie down most times he’s on, because he plays the character like he’s some major-bad ass, and you just don’t buy it for a second.

Well, like any good zombie film things get rolling pretty fast. Like the remake of Dawn of the Dead turned the zombies into more of a formidable force, Day took it one step further by the zombies damn near being parkor athletes. Some people didn’t like that, but I had no problem with it, you can only watch zombies shuffle around so many times. So, zombies are quickly on a tear, and a small team of survivors get together to try and locate the Army’s underground bunker. One of the interesting things done is when Bud is turned zombie, but becomes a friend as opposed to foe, holding on to a little bit of what he once was. It’s definitely something different, and I dug it.

The effects are fantastic. There’s some CGI blood, but the rest is home-grown effects that look fantastic. Zombie’s jaws drip with blood & sinew, their broken finger nails caked & dripping with dried as well as fresh blood. People get everything done to them from something as simple as being bit, to being torn to pieces, and it all looks fantastic.

Plenty of fuck-action-to-themax, a more than likeable cast of characters with actors who deliver on their job, and an interesting take on zombies.

Don’t listen to the idiots. Get this.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Horror Section – Day of the Dead [2008]”

  1. I saw this film on Showtime Beyond a few years ago and yes Caliber, you are 100% right it’s really fucking good. And I personally think Mena Suvari and Ving Rhames should definitely do more horror films considering that Mena had great performances in this film and in Stuart Gordon’s underrated gem “Stuck” and considering that Ving Rhames is excellent in pretty much everything he’s in, especially the great 2010 remake of “Piranha”.

    • You know, I haven’t seen Piranha. Perhaps I’ll check it out. I know it’s on netflix right now.

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