The Horror Section – Fear Itself


Instead of just one film, I thought I’d recko an entire series. Which you can find all the episodes of on netflix.

Fear Itself was a horror/suspense TV series that ran from June 2008 until July of that same year. Unfortunately, it only had one season, and I assume it’s because it was an incredible show, and people are brain-dead morons who love to keep crap like 2 And  A Half Men & The Big Bang Theory on TV.

Honestly, if Fear Itself had a few years to run, and kept up the quality of it’s first season, it’d be the greatest horror TV series of all time. I seriously can’t stress enough just how absolutely fantastic damn near every episode is. Great acting, great directing, and great stories. Some have twists, some of which are the best I’ve ever seen, and others are straight forward with no surprises, just a hell of a tale. I’ll give a run down of some of my favorite episodes, so you guys will have a place to start should you heed my advice.

“In Sickness And In Health” – Directed by John Landis – Starring Maggie Lawson & James Roday
An American Werewolf In London director John Landis takes the helm on what is probably my favorite episode of the whole series. A couple is to be married, but on the wedding day the bride receives an anonymous note saying that the person she’s about to marry is a killer. It’s a hell of a story, and something so good it belongs mention in the same breath as any classic Twilight Zone or Tales From The Crypt episode. The style & feel of the story is a call-back to the classic tales of the 1950’s horror scene. Incredible episode.

“Something With Bite” – Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson – Starring Wendell Pierce
Ernest Dickerson has directed episodes of Dexter, The Walking Dead, as well as films Juice, and Demon Knight. In this episode, a boring, fat veterinarian is one day brought an animal that was hit by a car. While trying to identify just what the hell it is, it has one breath of life left in it and bites the good Dr right on the forearm. While at first he feels sick, he later goes on to feel better than ever. Stronger, smarter, happier, more suave, and all things great that come with being a werewolf. On the other side of the coin, there’s multiple bodies showing up every night, in multiple pieces.
A great werewolf story with a great pay-off. It doesn’t bitch out and use CGI effects, instead choosing to deliver the goods with practical effects. Great episode.

“Eater” – Directed by Stuart Gordon – Staring Elisabeth Moss
Re-Animator directer Stuart Gordon brings us a story about a rookie cop played by Elisabeth Moss who’s part of a guard detail made to look after recently captured serial killer/cannibal/voodoo practitioner named Mellor. He’s a scary looking motherfucker with dark eyes, and methed out teeth.  Honestly, if I saw that dude I’d be happier he was known as the “Eater” than like “The Guy Who Makes You Lick His Teeth” or something gnarly. Anyway, he uses his knowledge of voodoo to completely fuck with the few left guarding him that night. It’s a damn well done story that’s reminiscent of The Thing to some regard. Dig it.

I also recko Family Man, Chance, and Skin & Bones. Honestly, damn near every episode of this whole series is fantastic.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 22, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Horror Section – Fear Itself”

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    • How on Earth is that an insult?

      Jesus, no wonder you were never able to write anything worth while until….well, never. Unless you count begging for attention by announcing you weren’t writing about wrestling anymore. Upsetting nones, and nones of people.

  2. Yes because if you don’t get laid you’re a horrible nerdy person and suck at everything, you’re entire life is worthless, and you should base everything around whether or not you got laid. No, that’s ridiculous. Thanks to people like you Charlie men have become pandering assholes who will do anything for sex losing all dignity what so ever. Your entire life doesn’t revolve around getting laid and that mentality is trash. Imagine if there was a guy who created a cure for cancer, found a solution for world peace, and made a Beef Jerky machine. Would he suck because he didn’t get laid? Of course not.

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