WCW In 2000 merch?

Hey guys, I’ve been considering drumming up some WCW In 2000 merch, but would only do it if there’s a market for it, obviously.

Wouldn’t be much other than stickers, t-shirts, and possibly some e-book compilations.

I’ve drummed up a few prototypes for the stickers, so lemme know if you guys dig this stuff and I’ll look into production. It’d be quality stuff, not that cheap cafepress bullshit.


I’m working on some t-shirt mock-ups as we speak


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 23, 2012.

7 Responses to “WCW In 2000 merch?”

  1. I was gonna ask how you’d get around the copyrights. But I assume you’d just go with the WCW letters instead of logos or pics of the wrestlers. I guess it would depend on Vince’s lawyers.

  2. Yeah, exactly.

    For shirts or stickers with images, they’d be drawings, or something to that extent. Like, there’d be one that’s a drawing of Sid and beneath it would say “Twice the man. Half the brain. Master. Ruler.” Or a drawing of Russo in his PopeMobile. Or I could take real images, and so long as they’re altered 30% then it’s alright.

    I’ve also thought about having everyone appear as lego characters. That’d be easy as hell to create.

  3. FEED ME MORE!!!!!!!!

  4. why am i STILL WAITING for this world to stop hating….

    • haha, I’m sorry Pik.

      Sebastian & I could not find Slamboree 2000 for the life of us. I scoured the internet looking for it. I finally found it, and I’m gonna watch it today. So depending on when Sebastian gets it done, which should be soon, we’ll have it up within a few days.

  5. thats cool guys..i’m sure it is hard finding horrible shows that are over 10 years old..lol..i appreciate the time and effort you guys put into it.keep up the good work.

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