The Only Review Of China Strike Force That You’ll Ever Need


This film review was a fan request, which I dig doing. So, if you guys have any requests for things you’d like me to write about/review, lemme know.

China Strike Force is an odd little film. I was expecting a hard-hitting action/crime drama piece, and instead I got this B-film martial arts buddy cop film with a bit of comedy thrown in.

The film starts off with two cops rescuing a hostage. Right out of the gate it’s not as low-quality as I expected it to be, because the fight scenes are fantastic. It’s really on the level of Jackie Chan’s work in the 90’s, which is no surprise because the Director of this film directed 3 of Jackie’s. We soon discover that the whole hostage situation was just a training exercise, as we’re introduced to our main good-guys.

Afterward, we meet one of the main villains, played by under-rated bad-ass Mark Dacascos. He’s a drug smuggler, who’s working with a fellow crime buddy from abroad, who happens to be played by Coolio. He’s also named Coolio. Seriously? They just call him Coolio? That sort of takes me out of it, because he dresses & acts like Coolio, yet he’s killing cops and doing all sorts of martial arts. I mean, I’m sure this what he does when he’s not in the limelight, it’s still weird to see.

I’d describe the whole movie to you, like I do in Man Movie Encyclopedia, but it’s really not worth mentioning. Mark & Coolio are drug dealers. They’re sneaking in drugs. Meanwhile, 2 cops are trying to stop this, and a female agent from the Japanese branch of Interpol is undercover, hanging with Coolio & The Gang.

As I said before, there’s a ton of great fight scenes, as well as stunts. One of the better take place after someone is killed during a fashion show. One of the two buddy cops gives chase after the murder down a busy street. They’re running down the high way, narrowly avoiding cars that are skidding out every where & crashing. They’re leaping on top of vehicles, jumping from one to another. The bad guy eventually gets on a bus as the good guy gives chase on a motorcycle. He’s able to drive the motorcycle up the backside of a van, then from the van he flies the bike to the top of the bus. Once there, they do some hefty battle until the bad-guy is booted right off the bus, and follows that up with a leap off the bridge into the water. It looked, as far as I could tell, that a stunt man really did this. Absolutely incredible.

Coolio is actually pretty funny in this film. He’s constantly going on about how he doesn’t trust people, and then spouting all sorts of racial tirades. Honestly, they tried to portray him as a threatening guy, but he was just too goofy. In all honesty, he’s a bright spot in the film. Also, he kicks some serious ass in this film. I’m not sure if he did his own stunts, but it sure looked like it.

What would an action film be without a car chase, right? Now, we don’t get some simple Mazda being chased by a Buick or something. Instead we get a Lambo being chased by a Formula-1 Racer. It’s one of the better chases I’ve seen, and another pillar that holds this film up.

The final fight scene takes place between the two buddy cops, Coolio, Mark Dacascos, and the Japanese Interpol lady. There’s quite a few fights that go back & forth between different people, which ends with everyone getting on a car that’s being flown around the city via a giant helicopter. Once things start slowing down, one of the buddy cops, the Japanese Interpol chick, and Coolio do a final battle on this giant window that’s being held up by wires & a crane, and it’s sort of like a teeter-tator.  If too much weight goes to one side, it starts to tilt upright. So, all three people do battle on this thing, all while trying to keep it from tipping upright and thus, ruining their day. It’s damn inventive and very cool to watch.

I know it may seem that I gave this a sort of odd review, but if you read others on netflix, all they talk about is the cool fights & stunts through out the film. So, I thought I’d just talk about those, since they’re the highlight.

The Only Summary You’ll Ever Need: All in all, it’s an odd film, but it works. Not the greatest action movie ever, but I’ve sure as hell seen a lot worse. There’s some great stunt work, as well as fight scenes. Coolio is one odd choice for a villain, but he works. If you’ve got some time to kill, there’s plenty of worse films to see. ***1/2 out of 5.


~ by Caliber Winfield on November 5, 2012.

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