Caliber has a new book

I wrote a guide on how to download torrents safely & effectively. I tell you what program to use, and where to get it, along with the best video player. I then tell you about the two best websites, and how to navigate them, with photos. I teach you how to search, and what to look for in terms of getting the best quality file. I then tell you how to go about watching whatever you’ve downloaded on other devices.

No longer be a slave to cable or a DVR. Get movies before the public does. Watch films that are in theaters in your own home. Get entire seasons of TV shows all at once. This short guide teaches you how to do it quickly, with absolutely no hassle. It’ll honestly pay for itself with the first movie you download. I also include my email for any follow up questions.

It only requires you have basic computer & internet knowledge. With this guide, you will honestly be downloading things in minutes. No joke.

Now of course, as disclaimer I must state that the information in this book is for reference only. Of course we’d never download anything illegally and take money from the innocent folk in Hollywood. Never. Ever.

The Greatest Guide To Downloading & Enjoying Torrents That You’ll Ever Have


~ by Caliber Winfield on June 27, 2013.

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