Monday Nitro, October 8th, 2000 – Caliber

nitroheadoctober8th2000Brisbane, Australia.
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Stevie Ray, Mark Madden

oct8jarrettstingerShocking, a Nitro starts out with a limo pulling up. Double J gets out dressed as old school Sting. Tony then starts going on about Australia, land of sun & koala bears. Also, Juvi’s PCP induced freak out. Because Australia is so starved for pro-wrestling at this point, they literally got 14,000 fans to show up. Quite a stark contrast to their usual run of 1500-2000.

Elix vs Rey Mysterio
Naturally, WCW is in prime shape for these 14,000 fans, as they play Elix’s song for 3/4th of Rey’s entrance. Elix hits Rey with a nasty SunSet Flip Powerbomb to the outside, and Rey’s heead smacks the floor, just missing the padding. Back in, they continue to put on a show with plenty of flips & top rope maneuvers. Elix sets Rey on the middle of the top rope, and tries to walk the rope and go into a hurricarana, but screws up and falls forward. The crowd is absolutely on fire. It’s stunning the contrast to the usual US crowds for the 2000 Nitros. Tygress is on commentary for the match, and at one point Torrie comes from the crowd and roughs her up, which distracts Mysterio, allowing Elix to hit The Play of the Week for the pin. Not a bad match, but a bit clumsy, as Elix was obviously having a bit of an off day out there. For those who don’t know, Elix’s Play of the Week finisher is sort of like a swinging neck-breaker, but he has his leg over the guy’s head.
Elix hits The Play of the Week for the pin at 5:28 | **

Backstage, Disco & Alex thank Douglas for the use of Torrie.

oct8givebloodDavid Flair shows up in a “Give Blood” mobile.

The Natural Born Thrillers show up. Mike Sanders holds the Crusierweight Championship, and is also apparently the new Commissioner. He books an Evening Gown-esq match between Torrie & Tygress. He doesn’t say much more before The Cat comes out, bringing with him the MIA. There’s a bit of dancing, and a bit of brawling. The Cat & MIA clean out the ring. Other than the match that Mike booked, absolutely nothing came of this segment.

oct8boogieknightsJindrak & O’Haire [C] vs Boogie Knights w/Disco Duck – WCW Tag-Team Championship
Alex needs his hair back. The BK’s hold their own for quite a while in the beginning, really showing some promise. Jindrak & O’Haire get back into the swing of things with their standard flare of double team moves, the most interesting being a double atomic-drop. This really starts to pick up in the end, leaving us with one of the best matches I’ve seen on a 2000 Nitro. The ref gets knocked out, and in the flurry, Disco hits The Chart Buster and grabs the pin. However, Sanders comes out and says to restart the match because the ref was knocked out, and it didn’t count. Of course, before the match is restarted, the NBT come in and take out the Bks. The obnoxious thing though is that the replacement ref makes the count, not the one who was knocked out. Oh well, it was a damn good match, and a shame it didn’t get more time.
Jindrak & O’Haire retain the titles with a pin after the BK’s are beaten down at 5:45 | *** Honestly, I’d hunt down this match. It’s sharp stuff, and easily one of the best matches of the 2000 Nitro’s.

Backstage we see Stacey. Then Goldberg arrives on a motorcycle.

In the ring we have Mark Madden who’s set to interview Stacey. I’m really not looking forward to this. She tells David to quit with the shenanigans. Madden claims Stacey a slut. David comes out, and wants Stacey to take a blood test. Why? A test for what? A test to see if she’s the father? Crowbar comes out to stop the madness, and gets a beat down for his efforts. I should also mention he was dressed in a leisure suit, as he’s apparently Mike Awesome’s new buddy. Speaking of which, Awesome comes out to make the save.

Double J gives an interview, continuing his impersonation of Sting, which is actually entertaining.

Tygress vs Torrie Wilson – Down Underwear Match
Yes. It’s literally called a Down Underwear Match. Honestly, as far as these types of matches go, I’ve seen such worse, but Madden’s commentary is driving me nuts. Tygress wins pretty quickly, which brings out Shane, which brings out Konnan.
Tygress wins by stripping Torrie of her safari outfit at 1:58 | ½ *

oct8jarrettstinger2Double J comes out, as Stinger, and cuts a promo saying that Double J is gonna beat him at Halloween Havoc, which will be his final match, because he’ll finally retire. However, before that, he’s gonna sign some autographs, for any kids who have $15. The real Sting finally comes down out of the rafters and starts laying the boots to Jarrett. Double J eventually gets the best of Sting with a low-blow, hits him with a Stinger Splash, and then suplexes him through a table, which Sting then just stands up from. He then beats the hell out of Jarrett, and puts him in the Deathlock. Man, Russo is such an idiot. I know I’m playing a broken record when I say that, but stuff like this just forces me to say it. I was actually getting interested in seeing the match at Havoc between these two until this happened. What the hell’s the point of the match now?! Sting got his revenge, he beat the hell out of Jarrett, plus, he took a hell of a beating and just shrugged it off. That kind of bullshit works when it’s a HEEL doing it, not a face.

Mike Sanders & Kevin Nash vs The Cat & Booker T
Honestly, amongst the many other terrible things WCW in 2000 had going for it, entrance music is right up there. Just about everyone has this God-awful, cheap-techno theme song. Pretty decent match. Nothing too spectacular, but I could see with a few things added here and there that this could have been the main event to a PPV. A lot of people remember The Cat for being damn good on the mic, but he was also able to back it up in the ring. Nash is always perfect for tag-matches, especially when he’s used in the role of heavy hitter.
The Cat knocks out Sanders with the Feeliner for the pin at 4:19 | **

Afterwards, Sanders attacks The Cat, and Steiner attacks Booker with a lead pipe. After leveling Booker, Steiner issues a challenge to Stinger.

David Flair challenges Mike Awesome to a hardcore match to find out what he knows

Big Vito vs Goldberg
Madden talks about how will Goldberg obtain the streak if there’s only 50 wrestlers under contract? Well, he was able to do it when they only had a 100, so I’m sure the guys would be up to making up numbers again like before. Schiavone mentions how at Havoc it’ll be Goldberg vs KroniK. Seriously, what the sweet merciful hell will that accomplish? He’s obviously going to beat them, and what is Goldberg destroying a team they’re trying to establish as big monsters going to do? Well, as always, Goldberg destroys Big Vito as WCW tries oh so very desperately to recapture the magic they had in 1998 by of course doing the same exactly shit they did then. Afterward, The Bull comes in to attack Vito, which brings back Goldberg for another spear & Jackhammer, which of course the ref counts the pin, giving him 5-0 now. No joke. KroniK then come out to the entrance ramp and stare at Bill.
Goldberg wins both matches with the Jackhammer at a combined time of 46 seconds | *

The 34th vehicle to arrive on Nitro pulls up, but we don’t get a reveal.

Mike Awesome vs David Flair – Hardcore Match
While Awesome beats the hell out of Flair, I try to figure out why the crowd is chanting “Ulcer! Ulcer! Ulcer!” until I realize they’re chanting “Awesome”, and I forgot to apply their accent. Really, David gets in about zero offense, as Mike beats him all over the place with chairs, trash cans, flying shoulder blocks, splashes, and Running Awesome-Bombs. The mishandling of Mike has got to be in the Top 3 of Russo’s Biggest Screw-Ups in WCW. Has to be.
Awesome pins David after the Awesome-Bomb at 4:30 | *

We see that Flair was in the recently arrived vehicle. He comes down to stop Awesome from power bombing David through a table. It would have been too perfect if we found out that Ric is the father of Stacey’s baby. That’s why it didn’t happen.

Lance Storm [C] vs Konnan Canadian Heavyweight Championship
Storm begins with “if I could be serious for a moment”, to which Tony says “he’s always serious”. Yes, he is Tony. That’s why the joke works. May I ask why we needed to see The Filthy Animals THREE different times tonight? It’s a decent match, but nothing that stands out or does anything for anyone, really. The Franchise runs in and clubs Konnan in the back of the head with a chain, allowing Storm to go for the pin, which Konnan kicks out of, only to turn around and tap out to the Maple Leaf in record time, despite practically laying underneath the ropes. Of course.
Konnan taps to the Maple Leaf at 4:35 | *

Scott Steiner vs Sting w/ Double J as the special ref
They promptly start with the double team action, and Sting fends them off for a moment before becoming over-whelmed again. Ref Billy Silverman comes out to regain order, but Steiner fixes his wagon. After an extended ass beating, The Cat comes down to take out Double J, and Booker takes his place as the special ref. He boots Steiner in the face, sending him right into a Scorpion Death Drop for the pin. Of course Sting needs the win here. It’s not like he didn’t already look extremely dominant against Jarrett earlier tonight. We clearly don’t want any doubt in anyone’s mind about his ability to crush Jarrett. If that happened, people might buy the PPV.
Sting pins Steiner after the Death Drop at 6:52 | *

oct8stingerbookerShowcase Showdown: This was a decent enough show, and the reason why? Because Russo didn’t go along for the Australia trip, he stayed back in the States to attend the world series. So, because of his absence we’re pretty much void of anything insulting or mind-numbing, and we get a show that’s filled with plenty of matches, with the range of decent to great. The great crowd helped a lot too. There were a ton of people who were very much into the show. If only every 2000 Nitro was in Australia.


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