Horror B-Sides – October 10th, 2013

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 – 1988

Texas 2 divides a lot of horror fans. Some hate it because of it’s humor & camp, while others like it for that reason. I’m on the side that digs the film, and believes it better than the original. It’s on a much bigger budget, with some damn interesting scenes, and a ton of great characters. Chop Top & Dennis Hopper are the two stand-outs from this film and make it worth your while alone. The clip here is the beginning that flexes not only the creativity of the writing, the awesome effects of Savini, but also the fact that this film is still scary. I mean, a fucking corpse wielding a giant chainsaw? Holy shit.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 10, 2013.

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