Minute Man Review of Unhung Hero

Unhung Hero – 2013 – 6.0 IMDB

Unhung Hero. For those who don’t know, it’s about a comedian/actor who proposed to his girlfriend in public at a basketball game, on one of those kiss cams, and she turned him down. The video amassed millions of views in a matter of days. In private, she gave her reasons, with the main one being he has a small hangdang. They never say what his size is, but from what I’ve surmised, he’s 4 inches, and not very girthy.

Anyway, I personally think his whole public rejection thing was a work, but that’s me. The doc is about his quest to find out where he stands in the world of penis size, other cultures and what they think, as well as all the methods out there that are used for enlargement.

It’s a good way to spend an hour and twenty minutes. It’s not ground breaking by any means, or something I’d watch often like Bigger. Stronger. Faster., but it’s entertaining. Seeing all the methods for enlargement, and whether or not they work is great, as well as how other cultures deal with hangdangs. Amongst all this is how Patrick copes with his insecurities, and the extremes people will go to fix any imperfections they feel they have.

One aspect I wish they’d have spent more time with the guy who has the largest penis in the world. 13 & half inches with the girth of his wrist. Apparently he was 8 inches at age 10. I know a lot of guys think that would rock, and sure, for a week it’d be cool, but I would not want to pack something like that around. I mean, why would I want to go smaller than I already am? *rimshot*

I believe it’s currently airing on Showtime, and it’s available on piratebay. If you don’t know about piratebay, well, there’s a book that’ll teach you all you need to know. Plus the writer is very handsome. The Greatest Guide To Downloading Torrents That You’ll Ever Have.


~ by Caliber Winfield on January 31, 2014.

3 Responses to “Minute Man Review of Unhung Hero”

  1. I was in the Air Force with a dude that would brag about how he was so big he couldn’t have sex with girls cause they couldn’t take it. I always thought that would actually be something not worth bragging about. Though I also wouldn’t think I’d want to be in a movie about myself if I was like this guy. I guess if that’s all you got going for ya. The “rimshot” joke was nice.

    • Speaking of that guy you’re talking about from the Air Force, how is Fuj doing these days?

      Yeah, honestly, I guess I’d be willing to have people think I have a small dick if it meant a possible break in my field. Of course, entertainers are the only ones who have to think like that. There’s no scientist out there hatching a scheme about his small dick to get a gig at MIT.

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