We Need To Tell People They Suck To Save Their Lives

I haven’t had a rant in a while, so this is long over due.

I’d like to start off by saying I believe if you’re not doing anything to harm or bother anyone, then people need to fuck off and mind their business. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, we constantly shame people who smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol & have promiscuous sex. But anytime someone says anything in regards to fat being unhealthy, or unsightly, then immediately they’re absolute villains. The scum of the Earth.

Just recently, Big Daddy V, also known as Viscera, and King Mable died of a heart attack at 42. Anytime a wrestler dies because of drugs it’s all we hear about. How drugs are the scourge of the business, how they were foolish & should have known better. They then use the death as a way to raise awareness about drug abuse.

But if they die because they were morbidly obese their entire life, then nothing is said. It’s never mentioned what a waste of a life it is, nor is it used to raise awareness and clue other obese people into the fact that this is the number one cause of death in America that is damn near 100% preventable. Why? Because then you have these idiotic, touchy morons who say you’re an asshole for saying someone should try and live a healthy life. I mean, how dare you suggest that someone doesn’t need to die at age 42! What kind of insensitive prick are you?! What needs to be done is we completely ignore problems like this and just let them get worse & worse & worse. That’s the way you do it!

I said such things on a website the other day, and I was told that I should get cancer & die, that I was an asshole & a prick. Why? Because I said how sad & pointless V’s death was, and that he, along with everyone else, should care more about themselves, their friends & family and live a healthy lifestyle. I know, I’m an absolute monster. One brilliant person gave the ol’ “it’s genetics!” line, which I always love, and in the same paragraph said “he lost 100lbs in the last year!”. OK, so his genetics keep him from losing weight yet he was able to lose weight? You always hear about people blaming genetics, yet these people aren’t exercising daily, and eating healthy. They always eat like shit and barely move, so they blame their thyroid condition as an excuse.

Let’s say I’m at a party, and I’m chatting with friends. A person pulls out a cigarette and I start telling him how foolish it is, and how I can’t believe he’s dumb enough to smoke knowing how deadly it is. The other people are most likely just going to agree with me, and probably chime in. Or, let’s say we hear about how a girl we know had sex with 10 guys in a week. We’d all talk about how stupid that is, and how she’s a slut. Yet, if there was a fat person there who was eating cheesecake, and I got on them about how unhealthy it is, people would gasp at my callousness. They’d say what an asshole I am, and how dare I.

It’s ridiculous in this day & age how there’s no self-respect or shame. We have men suing people because they slipped in a store, or because they were trying to take pictures of a celebrity and got hit at a cool 3mph. We’ve got mothers who are more concerned with being good-looking & being their children’s “friends”, than being actual parents. Oh, you’re a pregnant teenager? Here’s a TV show for you to star in! You can’t act? You can’t sing? You have virtually no talent?! Here’s the E Channel! Back in the day, if you were famous it meant you could act, sing, dance, be funny & smart, spin plates, perform a tomahawk dunk, free trapped POWs, as well as dis & reassemble a 1959 Ford Mustang. These celebrities had to earn our attention & admiration, and in turn they were respectable in the public’s eye.

Kids these days get a participation trophy, and a pat on the back no matter what. Doesn’t matter if you tried hard or not, because you’re all the same, and you’re all awesome! That’s right, don’t let anyone tell you differently! This world owes you big time because of how fantastic you are! You’re chewing gum and you’re done with it, so where should you put it? Right on the sidewalk! Or the parking lot, or wherever, so long as it isn’t the trash. Because let’s be honest, discarded gum really classes a place up. Hell, you’re special, why don’t you get a “Special Service Pet” vest for your dog, so you can bring them on planes, into stores, and restaurants with you! Because fuck other people! Who cares if they may be allergic to your dog’s dander! Or don’t want your dog’s hair floating around the area they eat! Fuck them, they don’t realize that you’re you, and you’re super duper special.

It’s pathetic how absolutely narcissistic people are these days and have absolutely zero reason for it. They make things insufferable. They demand the world and don’t want to work for it. If they’re told for a minute that they aren’t the cream of the crop, then you’re an asshole & a moron. Or as they’d write it “your an asshole and moron!!1”, because God forbid they actually learn how to spell properly.

My mom works with a few teachers, and they recently told her that they aren’t allowed to write things on student’s papers/tests like “Great job!” or “Excellent!” because another student might see it and be upset that they didn’t get that. I think this makes a lot of sense. The kid who didn’t try as hard should definitely be praised as much as the kid who busted their ass. And honestly, I think all sports need to stop having scores, because it’s going to make the losers feel bad.

Are you fucking kidding me?


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 6, 2014.

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