Minute Man Reviews – March 10th, 2014

Today your boy looks at The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Out of the Furnace, and Non-Stop.

For those not in the know, I rate all films out of 5.

I heard a review about American Hustle that said it’s the best Martin Scorcese film that isn’t done by Martin Scorcese. That’s pretty damn accurate. With all the fantastic acting, time-setting, music, crime, and DeNiro, I’d easily believe this was one of Marty’s films if you told me so.
Speaking of DeNiro, here and now I’ll tell you that Christian Bale is the DeNiro of his generation. The dude kills it in every role, and this is no exception. Amy Adams continues her tradition of playing a fantastic woman that’s down for whatever and looks out for her man.
Really, everyone brings it with this film, which is all about a couple of con-artists that work with a cop who so badly wants to be a rockstar, no matter the cost. Great movie,  definitely something you need to see.

If not for Pain & Gain, then The Wolf of Wall Street would be my favorite movie of 2013. Bringing Marty & Leo together is only going to produce good, and they more than delivered on that promise about a guy so bad-ass he was pissed he made $49 million in one year; because it was 3 shy of a million a week.
Everything kicks ass about this movie, and I believe Jonah Hill should have recieved the Oscar for Best Supporting. I never would have imagined the fat guy from Superbad would go on to absolutely nail a role like this. There’s crime, drugs, hookers, and drugs, all set to a nice 1980’s backdrop. The film is 3 hours long, and you’d never know it. I started watching it after being up for 22 hours, thinking I’d catch the first 15 minutes and be out, but it kept me awake the whole damn time.

I’m always on board for some Liam Neeson-being-a-bad-ass type film, and Non-Stop delivers what you expect. He’s a washed-up police officer who’s in the twilight of his career who digs drinking & smoking a lot; my kind of guy. These day’s he’s an Air Marshall, and while on his most recent flight, he’s contacted by a guy on the plane who says he’ll kill someone every 20 minutes unless a large sum of money is wired into his account.
While it doesn’t have the same amount of action we’re use to from Neeson, it riles more on mystery & tension, which works well. It’s real creative how this film is paced, and doesn’t tryto deliver anymore than what you’re expecting. Something Christopher Nolan could do well to learn.

Out Of The Furnace is another Bale film that came out this year. It’s about two brothers, played by Christian Bale & Casey Affleck, who’ve grown up together in West Virginia. Bale wants the simple life, working in the town factory & having a family. His brother went off to Iraq and didn’t come back the same. He gets himself caught up in gambling & street fights, finding himself in debt to the local big-wig, played by William DaFoe. At one point, Affleck asks DaFoe to set him up for a big money fight with some local baddies, baddies that DaFoe doesn’t want any part of. The leader of this group is played by Woody Harleson, who does one hell of a job playing a twisted, inbred mountain man. At one point, Affleck goes missing, and Bale is looking to find out what happened.
I love me some revenge/getting-my-family-back type of films, however this one falls short. It roots itself a bit too much in reality, while I was gearing myself up for a Seagal type of romp. While the performances are solid, the film just isn’t that exciting, and leaves you wishing they’d laid out the events with a little more spark. Still, that being said it’s not a terrible film, and if you’ve seen everything else, then sure, give it a shot.


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 10, 2014.

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