Do we stand a cHHHance?

Everyone is pretty stoked that Bryan will have a shot at the title if he defeats HHH at WM. Honestly, with the Yes Movement, and Bryan’s entire story, it would make for the greatest WM moment in history. D-Bry defeats HHH, the head of the Authority, the man who’s the antithesis of what Bryan is & stands for, and a man the IWC cannot stand. Then goes on to defeat two guys that the WWE Universe doesn’t give a shit about, yet are being forced down our throats because Batista was promised a WM main event when he signed his contract. After a grueling night, and constantly fighting up hill for the last 4 years, D-Bry stands tall in the ring with the WWE WHC.

A damn fine story. And the greatest WM moment in history.

But it’s not gonna happen. There’s no fucking way Triple H loses. People want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but may I remind you guys of who we’re dealing with. This is the man who shit on the value of the IC & WWE titles when he demanded he be handed the WHC. Scott Steiner comes in, and he insists Steiner be a babyface, so he can play heel. Steiner is injured, and sucks, but Triple H is such a fucking ego he demands the main event at Royal Rumble because he wants to prove he can get a great match out of Scott. He then goes on to have one of the worst ever. Now, if this were to happen to someone like Jericho, there’s no way he would have had a second chance. But of course, Steiner gets ANOTHER ppv main event, so Triple H can have another shot. Speaking of Jericho, let’s not forget all the trash HHH would talk about him, and how he used his clout to get Chyna the IC belt and all the bullshit they put Jericho through. But I digress. Then he trashes Booker T’s run with an angle that involved racism and a WM match that saw Booker lose after one Pedigree, and being forced to lay around for at least 2-3 minutes. After that, he headlines THREE ppvs with his good buddy Kevin Nash. Then he ruins Goldberg’s run by demanding they put off his winning the title, month after month. Randy Orton makes it to the top, only for HHH to suck away his heat and defeat him a month after winning the belt. Then he does the same to Eugene a year later. He reforms DX, and then promptly has him and his buddy Shawn defeat 5 guys at a time on the regular. Then we come to his masterpiece; defeating CM Punk during the Summer of Punk and turning the angle into a match with himself & Kevin Nash. The Undertaker’s streak is the greatest thing in the WWE, right? Who’s the man who came the closest to winning? Who’s the man that walked away after the match when ‘Taker was carted out? Oh, that’s right, Triple H.

You guys really have faith in him this time?


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 11, 2014.

8 Responses to “Do we stand a cHHHance?”

  1. I see almost no chance HHH will totally ever put someone over. He will always do something small that let’s everyone know he’s still kicking and still the better man.

  2. Good points here and I agree everything that you are saying. With that I can also seeing something like this happen.

    Bryan loses and as HHH is celebrating with Steph, Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring. He says that he’s running Wrestlemania and not HHH. He then adds Bryan to the match.

    That’s the only thing I can really think of within a storyline point. As for the Steiner Rumble match, it’s the worst match I have ever seen. Including everything with Rodman.

    • Mmm, I could see that. Triple H would get what he wants, by beating Bryan before he wins the titles, thus making himself the true champion.

      Haha, man, no way is Steiner/HHH worse than Rodman at the Beach. Steiner & HHH is crappy in a fun way. That Rodman match is just crappy.

      • The commentary is priceless where Rodman does two arm drags and their wetting themselves over it. I guess we were supposed to believe the company would just anyone show up to a PPV main event and hope he knew something.

      • I just can’t believe Hogan demanded forty-five minutes. How on Earth did he think this would be entertaining for that long?

        I also thought it was pretty lame how DDP & Malone dressed exactly alike every time they were seen together. It’s like they were 10 year olds or something.

      • At least with Rodman i knew it was going to be bad since its a guy who doesn’t care about what he does good or bad.

        With the Steiner match you get 12,000 suplex’s and you would think that HHH would actually care and carry Steiner to a watchable match. It just goes on and on and on….

      • Sure, you knew it might be bad, but FORTY-FIVE MINUTES?! And stumbling around the ring like a drunk? Good Lord…

        The Steiner match was entertaining in a crappy way. From the way he was gassed as hell, all the botches he did, the 12,000 suplexes. And the build up was great in a crappy way too. You’ve seen my recap of the feud, right?

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