Girl Scouts of America, Creating & Then Trying To Stop Oppression

Recently the Girl Scouts of America have started on their campaign to get the word “bossy” banned. Spearheaded by their spokesperson against this ungodly oppression, Beyonce Carter, the GSA want the word “bossy” eliminated because it’s used against women when they take a strong-headed stance. They then say when men act like this, it’s called “leadership”.

First off…

Nothing is more obnoxious then people who want to create problems. No one thought the word “bossy” was detrimental, and now they’re insisting we do. It’s like saying “No one is worried about me having a gun to my head, because there’s no gun to my head! Someone put a gun to my head!”. It’s like when midgets decided they didn’t like the word “midget”, and literally compare it to a certain word black people are associated with. Which is an appalling ordeal all together, but one thing at a time.

These people truly think that “bossy” should be the first word banned? They can’t think of ANY other words that are worse?  Beyonce Carter, a black woman, seriously heard this and thought “Yes! We must purge this vile 5 letter word! There is no word out there worse! NO WORD!”. I’m sure fellow Spanish/Asian/Jewish/Mentally Challenged/Gay people all want to unite to make sure no one has to suffer being called “bossy”! Can you imagine those fighting for civil rights in the South during the 50’s & 60’s, who while being sprayed with fire-hoses & attacked with dogs also had to be called BOSSY?! Talk about adding insult to injury.

Let’s now take a trip to the Middle East, where if a woman is raped, it’s not unlikely for a family member to then murder her, because her honor has been stripped. Or a woman who’s beaten half to death for speaking out of turn, or not having dinner ready. Woman who are treated as less than human. Or other parts of the world where mothers will kill their new born daughters because having a boy means so much more. These women, they must thank the good Lord everyday that they only have life & death problems to face, not the sheer horror of first-world problems of American women who are referred to as “bossy!”. It’s practically a fate worse than death, only much worse.

Ordeals like this are a fucking joke. The gull these people have to say a word like “bossy” is on par with the most vile, and derogatory epithets is beyond insulting. Insulting to people who have felt what REAL oppression is. Who feel sick to their stomach whenever they hear a certain word that’s been used by those in power to degrade them, and make them feel less than human simply because of a different sexual orientation, skin color, religion, or whatever else stupid people feel the need to hate. People who’ve had to face real problems, and not create them out of whole cloth.Because those who’ve dealt with real oppression, or real suffering, would never dream of creating something like that.

Shut up. Get a life. Live and let live. And shut up.


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 25, 2014.

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