Arnold’s BluePrint – Week 4, Day 4 – Chest & Back


Chest & back today, which is easily my favorite pairing of a muscle group. I’ve been trying to bring up my back like crazy for 6 months so far, and it’s getting there. The rack pulls & snatch grip high-pulls are really helping. Since I’d only worked with machines for the first 3 1/2 years of my 4 years of bodybuilding, and it really caused an imbalance. My left lat is crazy bigger than my right, or at least, it was much bigger. These days it’s still the dominant side, but the heavy free weights have really helped to bring up the weaker side.

Today we learn about the first Mr. Olympia, and the benefits of the exercise named after him.

This gym I’m at for the time being has some Hammer Strength machines, which I haven’t been able to use for at least 6 weeks. I went to use them for a warm up, and shit, I didn’t have the muscle endurance on that like I do free weight, which surprised me at first. But Hammer Strength really helps to isolate the muscle, and works the hell out of it. A lot of “purists” say that real bodybuilders/powerlifters never touch machines, which is bullshit. You can get a lot out of them, and are damn essential. That said, I would always recommend that free-weight work make up 70% of your main program.

Pre-workout I had 30g of oatmeal, 20g of whey isolate, and 2 caps of kre-alkalyn.

Flat Bench – 95×20, 135×15, 185×10

Incline Hammer Strength – 105×20, 125×15, 10

Machine Flyes – 95×20, 110×15, 120×11
Dumbell Pullover – 35×20, 15, 10

Pull-Up Machine: 85×8,7,6,5 [Every week I go down 5lbs. I doubt it’ll be that easy, and that I’ll be doing sets of 8 reps at a 255lb body weight, but I’d be stoked doing 8 reps of 235lb or so]

Barbell Row – 65×20, 75×15, 85×10
Dumbell Two-Arm Row: 20×10, 10, 10

During the last superset, I downed 12oz of gatorade, which is about 30g of dextrose, and mixed it with 30g of maltodextrin. 5 minutes later I had 2 caps of kre-alkalyn, and 12g of BCAA. 20 minutes later I had 20g of whey isolate.

Larry Scott

Larry “The Legend” Scott

Larry “The Legend” Scott earned his name by becoming the first Mr. Olympia, as well as packing what are arguably the greatest biceps of all time. After winning the inaugural competition, he’d later go on to win it a second time, and retire just shy of being a senior citizen, at age 27.
Arnold once said Larry offered him a lot of valuable advice, but the greatest was that he needed health insurance. He convinced him to buy some when he first got here, including an add-on that would keep him paid if he were hurt while bodybuilding, and had to recover. Something that came in hand when a posing stage gave out at one point on Arnold and he hurt his knee, Scott’s sage advices had saved him.
Sadly, Scott died from Alzheimer’s disease complications on March 8th, 2014.
As I mentioned above, Larry had one if not the best pair of biceps in the history of bodybuilding, and his secret was an exercise that was eventually named after him: The Scott Curl aka The Preacher Curl.
For those who don’t know, a preacher curl is when you rest your elbows on a slanted surface and then curl, obviously. It would stabilize your arms, and concentrate 100% of the strain & effort into your biceps. It’s pretty brutal, but really is the King of the bicep exercises, and truly worthy of being named after the Legend, Larry Scott.

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