Arnold’s BluePrint – Week 4, Day 5 – Shoulders & Arms


This deload week has been a bit brutal. Usually when you think of “deload”, you think things are going to be a little easier than usual. No, doing 20 reps for shoulders back to back on supersets is absolutely brutal. Alright, let’s get into it.

Pre-Workout: Shake that consisted of 60g of maltodextrin carbs, and 25g whey isolate. Popped 2 kre-alkalyn creatine tabs.

Warm ups consist of light rotator cuff work, and then some lat raises & presses.

Arnold Press Standing – 30×5, 37.5×5, 5, 5, 40×5

Military Press – 40×20, 45×15, 12, 50×10
Front Raise – Barbell – 20×20, 15 10lb Plate – 12, 10

Rear Delt Raise – 10lb Plates – 20, 15, 12, 10 [I always hold for a second at the top, give it a good squeeze, and when I lower, I stop about a foot or so from them touching because any closer and the tension wears off]
Snatch Grip High-Pull – 75×6, 85×5, 5, 5

Barbell Curl – 30×20, 15, 40×12, 45×10

SUPERSET: [I had to mix things up, because shit was crowded and people were being stupid. The one thing that remained constant was the Preacher Curl]
Incline Bench Curl – 15×20, Standing Dumbell Curl – 30×10, Standing Barbell Curl – 60×6, 6
Scott/Preacher Curl – 30×8, 8, 8, 8

Close Grip Bench on Smith – 50×20, 70×15, 12, 10 [These are fantastic, especially with a great squeeze at the top]

Pushdown – 27×20, 30×15, 36×12, 41×10
Standing Rope Extension – 20×15,10, 8, 6

Forearms – 2 sets of behind the back wrist curls, which are great. 2 sets of farmers walks with 60lb dumbells.

Post-Workout: 30g of dextrose from 12oz of Gatorade, mixed with 30g of maltodextrin, and 2 kre-alkalyn caps. 5 minutes later it was 12g of BCAA, and 15 minutes after that it was 20g of whey isolate.

Afterwards I did 18 minutes of incline cardio, set at 10 with 2.2 speed.

Caliber’s Good To Know: If you’ve trained shoulders like you should, you’ve obviously felt that incredible pain in your delts. Honestly, there is no pain I’ve ever experienced like when my shoulders are pissed. Thankfully, a few weeks ago I discovered something you can do that completely eliminates the pain and has you ready to go. So, once you’re done with the set, simply walk up to the dumbell rack, place your hands on their own dumbell, and just sort of lean into it a bit. It’ll completely take all the pressure off your shoulder girdle, and the pain will disappear. If you don’t have a dumbell rack, then just find a counter, an upright bench, something, and place your arms up there. They’ll be completely recharged, and you’ll no longer feel like you’re tearing your rotator cuff.

If you guys need trainer, I charge $30 a week, or $90 a month. That’s right, you go by the month, and you save like…I don’t know, at least $300 or something. Unlike just about every other PT out there, I don’t give the same workout to every client. Everything is tailored to you, and I’m available to talk 24/7. If you’re interested,


~ by Caliber Winfield on June 5, 2014.

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