Happy Friday The 13th – My Personal Collection

It’s that time again, buckshots. As always, we here at Str8 Gangster, No Chaser celebrate the holiday just as I did when I was a kid. Now, I’ve basically talked about every aspect of the films that I can, so this time we’ll take a look at my personal collection of fantastically bad-ass Friday The 13th merch.


On the top of my collection here, we start with the crown jewel. The NECA San Diego Comic-Con exclusive of the NES version of Jason. One of the most original, and coolest figures that NECA ever created. It comes in an awesome box that’s a reproduction of the original NES Friday The 13th box. I bought it for $80, and it’s worth around $200 now.
Next to it is a NECA replica of the mask from the 2009 version. I’d always had one of those cheap, white plastic masks, so to get this 5 years ago was cause for celebration.
Speaking of the 2009 version, next up we have 2 action figures representing that film. Mezco’s action figure, and the Living Dead Dolls version.


Now, while I say the NES Jason is my crown jewel, my favorite piece is the first one here; Jason from Part VII: The New Blood. One of the most sought after Jason action figure ever made. So popular was it, that the originals were going for $50-100, so they did a relaunch that had a few less accessories, and then even that started fetching $50-75. I was finally able to get this a year ago and was ecstatic. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and scares the hell outta my other figures.
One of NECA’s greatest pieces is here with Jason from part 2. The figure is immaculate in it’s sculpt. The accessories are great too. He comes with a pick-axe, spear, machete, 2nd head of Jason to attach, which is unmasked, and Jason’s mother’s head. Damn cool figure.
As it follows in film, so does the next figure. Mezco released a version of Jason from part 3 that was fantastic. Now, most figures are open for posing interpretation, but this one basically said “Hey, put the axe in both hands and have it look like he’s walking, read to introduce the business-end of this thing to someone’s groin/face/chest/urethra/whatever”. He came with a 2nd head that has an axe wound in it, a machete, an axe, and the forearm of biker that Jason chopped off. Now, behind all these guys is an awesome piece from McFarlane’s 3D movie posters line, and obviously it’s the poster from the original film. He’s done quite a few other iconic movies, but I wish he’d do the entire line of Friday The 13th posters, as they’d look absolutely gorgeous. The only series that would look even better are the original Nightmare on Elm Street ones.


First up is Jason from part 4, done by the Kings of movie figures: NECA. Now, this photo doesn’t do this piece justice, it’s outstanding. It’s absolutely pitch-perfect, and looks like a screen grab come to life. It’s incredible.
After that we have ourselves another Mezco, and it’s one of the black-sheep of the franchise, Jason from Jason Goes To Hell. Now, while the movie may not be beloved, the look of Jason is awesome. He’s hulking with a massive, gnarly looking head that has the skin grafting to the mask. It’s incredible. It comes with the standard machete, special, magical dagger, Jason’s possessed heart, and Jason when he’s in demon-slug form.
Following that is the first Jason figure I ever had, and I believe was ever produced. This one is from the very first Movie Maniacs line, by Todd McFarlane. Movie Maniacs was for the longest time the only place to get movie action figures. This Jason is said to be non-descriptive, and an original design, but most fans agree it’s Jason from part 8. The clothes are accurate, he has gloves, and has a very specific tool from that film, a spear with a rope around. Now, it doesn’t hold up all that well compared to the Mezco & NECAs, but it’s still very bad-ass.
Finally, we have my most recent get, the final Jason Voorhees from McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs line, Jason X. He isn’t very posable, but it doesn’t matter. It’s an incredible look, and a must have for anyone who collects horror/sci-fi action figures. I wish I’d got him in the shot better, because he’s awesome looking.

Beneath the final shelf of Jason, you can see some of my Nightmare on Elm Street figures. The first one is from the Movie Maniacs line, and is the second Freddy that McFarlane did. It’s much darker, cooler, and more menacing than the first one released. After that is one of the coolest figures ever, the roach girl from Nightmare part 4. Mezco really did themselves a favor by releasing this one, because while we always got the villains, we never got the victims, and this is one of the first, and coolest. Eventually, NECA started releasing every Freddy Krueger figure from every film, in spectacular fashion. This one is Freddy from Dream Warriors when he has hypodermic-needles for fingers. One of the most bad-ass figures from my collection, and a definite favorite.



~ by Caliber Winfield on June 13, 2014.

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