Daily Update – June 16th, 2014

T0day you get a two’fer for the price of one! Am I giving or what?

I go over my results from yesterday’s shoulders & arms workout, as well as today’s legs. We’ve got a Girl Who Squats, and take a look at powerlifter turned bodybuilder Matt Kroc pulling off an incredible feat in the squat rack.

Arnold’s BluePrint Log

June 15th, 2014 –  Day 37, Shoulders & Arms

Pre-Workout: 30g of maltodextrin & 32g of Muscle Milk with 2 caps of Kre-Alkalyn.

Hit another PR today. The last time I went for 4 reps of a weight on military press, I could barely hit 120, and it was honestly more like 3. So…

Military Press – All sets for 4 reps – 65, 75, 85, 115, 115, 115, 135! I was so fucking stoked. It takes time, and fucking effort to get your numbers p in MP, and I couldn’t believe I blew past my previous record by 20lbs.

Arnold Press – 32.5 for 8 reps for 4 sets. That first set, I could have done 40lbs no problem. But when you superset with lateral raise, man, it zaps your shoulders.
Lateral Raise – 10 for 8 reps for 4 sets.

Snatch Grip High Pull – 95×6, then I had to drop it 10lbs, because my form was off with that extra 10. These shits ain’t easy. 85×6 for 3 sets.
Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise – 10×12 for 4 sets.

Curls – I did cables for this. 50×8, 70×8 for 4 sets, 90×5 for 3 sets

Preacher Curl Machine – 60×6, 70×6 for 3 sets
Sitting Curl – 27.5×6 for 4 sets

Dip Machine – 210×8 for 6 sets.

Cable Skull Crushers – 90×15, 15, 15, 12
Standing Rope Ext – 10×8, 8 then Tricep Pushdown – 50×8, 8

Post Workout: 30g of dextrose & Maltodextrin, 2 caps of Kre-Alkalyn, 12g of BCAA, and 20g of Muscle Milk. I actually have a timing schedule for’em too, and it goes

5-10 minutes before workout is over: carbs & creatine.
Workout over: BCAA, which takes about 5-10 minutes to drink, because if I slam’em, it’s too heavy in my stomach.
15-20 minutes after BCAA: protein

Here’s a tip for military presses, do’em inside the squat cage with the pins set at shoulder level. It’s a pain in the ass, and you use a lot of energy when you bust ass on a set, and then have to hold it and try and find the hooks. So, when you can just lift and set it down on the pins, it really helps make sure you don’t fuck your shoulders.

Also, I can’t say enough about Snatch Grip High Pulls. It’s such an awesome lift, and really brings up your traps, shoulders, and upper back.


June 16th, 2014 –  Day 38, Legs

Pre-Work Out: 60g of maltodextrin & 30g of whey isolate, with 2 caps of Kre-Alkalyn.

First up was leg-press, so I used this cool machine called a Cybex Squat-Press. It was like a leg press, but it worked more like squatting. I really liked it. I’m not sure what the sled itself weighed, probably 50lbs.

Cybex Squat-Press: 410×8, 460×8, 510×8, 510×8

Rack-Pulls: 135×8, 185×6, 235×6, 255×4. I always forget just how much leg-work goes into deadlifts, because I could really feel the fatigue in them after the heavy leg-press.

Single-Leg-Press: 180×3, 120×5, 5, 5.

Leg-Ext: 40×20, 20, 20, 20
Leg-Curl:  50×20, 20, 20, 20

On those supersets, I never stop. I just go back & forth until all the sets are complete. That combined with the high-rep shit can get brutal.

Donkey Calf-Raises: 300×15, 15, 15

Standing Single-Calf: Bodyweight, each leg until failure for 2 rounds.

Post-Work Out: 30g of malto & dextrose, 2 caps of Kre-Alkalyn, 12g of BCAA, and 20g of Muscle Milk.

My legs are really coming along, as I have a really pronounced tear-drop on each leg, and my calves are pushing 20 inches. Which means I gotta bring my arms up, because I want to be in proportion.

Man, I love tuna. Especially with oil, it’s so damn good. Make sure you’re mobbing at least a can of tuna 5-6 days a week.

Burly For The Sake Of Burly:

Matt is a former powerlifter who’s currently trying his hand at bodybuilding. He’s also one of those guys who does bad-ass feats for the simple fact he can say he did them. In this video he does a squat drop-set, 8 reps a piece, starting at 500lb and stopping at 135lb. He later said he couldn’t walk for 20 minutes, and then had the worst leg-soreness of his life for the next 10 days. Krock is as burly as they come.

Girls Who Squat:

Today’s girl is Brooke Adams, known best as Brooke Tessmacher from TNA. Arguably the hottest girl in wrestling today. Besides that, she isn’t your standard good-looking girl who’s personality is that of a brick. Brooke is charismatic, fun, and pretty decent in the ring. She also happens to have a fantastic ass, and has no qualms showing it off. After this, I suggest you head to youtube and look up her twerking video.




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