Daily Update – June 19th, 2014

Alrighty, today we’re going with a triple update. It’s the deuces for the week, Chest & Back 2, Shoulders & Arms 2, as well as Legs 2. Along with that we take a look at Ronnie’s 800lb squat, and some classic Dorian footage. Let’s get it…

Arnold’s BluePrint – Week 6, Day 39 – Chest & Back 2

Pre-Workout: Same as always

I’m back at my old gym, so no more Hammer Strength. Sad face.

Smith Incline – 140×4, 4, 150×4, 4, 160×4, 4, 170×4, 4. I don’t understand why people say Smith is easier than freeweight, because it’s not true at all. Keeping in that straight line as opposed to free movement is taxing.

Flat Bench – 135×6, 185×6, 135×17. There’s something about the bars at this gym. They’re thicker on the grip than the ones at other gyms, and even though they weigh the same, 185lb seems heavier at this gym. Or perhaps doing 8 heavy sets on the incline just taxed me harder than HS.

Machine Flyes – 110×12 for 4 sets
Cable Crossover – 15×12 for 4 sets

Wide-Grip Pulldown: 50 total reps. 120×10, 8, then I dropped it to 70 and cut my rest time to 15 seconds, also, I flexed really hard at the bottom of each rep, which takes a lot out of you I’ve found. I can’t move big weight like that, but my lats are coming along and I really want to push them. Anyway, so I was at 18 total reps, dropped it down to 70 and then went to 30, 40, 50.

Dumbell Rows – 50×8 for 4 sets
T-Bar Row: 70×8 for 2 sets, then 80×8 for 2 sets. At my gym, their handle selection for the cables is pretty piss-poor, so for T-Bar I use the rope extension rope.

Cardio: 10 incline at 2.2mph for 17 minutes. I watched Battle for the Gold, which is an awesome doc about the 1988 Olympia.


Yeah buddy! I know a lot of people are divided on the merit of Ronnie Coleman, as far as looks go. I’m one of those who believe he didn’t have a very great look, due to the distended stomach, and out of whack muscle symmetry. But when it came to work ethic & pure strength, he’s one of my favorites. The guy absolutely busts ass, and is other-worldly in his strength. His 200lb dumbell benching, his 2000lb, yeah, you heard me, his 2000lb leg press, and the video here, his 800lb squat for two reps. Light weight!


Arnie’s BluePrint – Week 6, Day 40 – Shoulders & Arms 2

I have a Deathrow Records t-shirt that I’ve had for 10 years, and love to death. The pump was so fucking strong today that the shirt was so tight I honestly felt like if I flexed real hard, I could have torn it. The sleeves were so tight, that when I took a shower 45 minutes later I had red marks around the circumference of my arm where the sleeve ended.

Pre-Workout: The usual

I warmed up with rotator cuff lifts, along with two supersets of lateral 7& dumbell presses with 10lb weights.

I tell you, there is no lift like the military press. I literally feel like my facial hair comes into play when I’m repping 135lb.

Military Press – 75x 4, 4, 95x 4, 4, 105x 4, 4, 125×4, 135×4

Arnold Press: 40×8, 35×8, 30×8, 8 [for those who don’t know, an Arnold Press was created by Arnold, and it starts with you holding 2 dumbells in your hands, palms facing your face, and then you twist the dumbells up as you would a standard press and then come back down and repeat]
Lateral Raise – 10×8 for 4 sets

Snatch Grip High-Pull: 85×6 for 4 sets
Rear-Delt Machine: 70×12 for 4 sets

EZ Bar Curls – 50×8, 8, 60×8, 8, 8, 70×5, 5, 5

Iso-Preacher Curl Machine – 70×6 for 4 sets
Sitting Alternating Arm Dumbell Curl – 30×6 for 4 sets

For the next exercise, you do what’s called the Stripping Method, as it’s generally done with a barbell, and you just keep stripping off plates and going. So, everything on the dip machine is done back to back, non-stop.

Dip Machine – 270×5, 240×3, 190×4, 90×11, 70×10, 40×10, 40×10

Tricep Pressdown: 42.5x 15 for 4 sets
Cable Skullcrushers: 30×9, 20×10 for 3 sets

Farmers Walks: 60lb dumbells for 2 sets

Behind The Back Wrist Curls: 65×10 for 2 sets

Front Wrist Curls: 65×10 for 3 sets

Post-Workout: Same as always

This workout takes about an hour and 20, but I love the hell out of it. You really get into the grove of things too, and just get into the zone. My shirt is soaked after this, and I want to punch the fans that are going because it’ll all of a sudden breeze the fuck up and it’s freezing.


Although one could definitely make an argument that Dorian is to blame for bodybuilding getting away from the classic looks of the 70s & 80s, he’s still one of my favorites. Dude trained like an absolute beast, and is smart as hell. There’s a 2 hour long podcast you can find on youtube with Dorian and a couple guys named London Reel. You would be doing yourself a huge service to listen to it.


Arnold’s BluePrint – Week 6, Day 41 – Legs

Leg Press – 460×8, 550×8, 8 600×10

The last time I went for it with deadlifts, I could barely do 185 for 5 reps. So, I was happy to see that the rack-pulls are everything I’ve said they are. I could have squeezed out another rep or two, but I strapped up my hands in a slightly off position.

Deadlift – 135×8, 185×5, 225×5

One-Leg Leg Press – 130×4 for 4 sets

This superset is back to back, no rest.

Leg-Ext: 45 for 20 for 4 sets
Leg-Curl: 55 for 20 for 4 sets

The calf raises are done single-leg, and I just do these back to back until I can’t get a rep out of either leg.

Leg-Press Calf Raise: 120×10, 9, 7, 5, 3, 3, 3, 1

I was stoked to get up 600 for 10 reps on the leg-press. I remember a few months ago, 465 was killing me for 6 reps.

Post-Workout is the same as always.


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