The second shoulders & arms, and legs days of the week.

Hit a couple PRs on the leg day, and the shoulders & arms workout was fucking brutal. My shoulders have never been that wiped.

Military Press – 85×4, 4, 100×4, 4, 110×4, 4, 130×4, 140×4

I killed it here. A few days ago, the last 3 reps of the 140lb were assisted by my legs, in a sort of push-press, but today it was all Caliber, baby.

Arnold Press – 30×8, 40×8 for 3 sets
Lateral Raise – 10×8 for 4 sets

On Sunday I could barely do two sets of 40lbs on the Arnold Press, but today I was able to kill 3. However, I was fucking toast at this point and still had at least another hour to go. Any bitch in you, this workout will remove it.

Snatch Grip High Pull: 85×5, 5, 5, 6
Rear Delt Machine – 75×12 for 4 sets

Preacher Curl Machine – 75×6 for 4 sets
Standing Alternate Curl – 30×6

Normally I start with EZ bar curls, but the more I read, the more I need to incorporate straight bar curls. However, man, they hurt my left hand/wrist, and it sucks. So, I did the superset first, in hopes that a lighter weight would make it easier, it didn’t.

Str8 Bar Curl: 65×8 for 3 sets. Then I had to switch to EZ bar curl for 2 more sets of 65×8. I was then suppose to do 3 sets of 5 with the bar, but couldn’t, so I went hammer curl, and that felt great.

Hammer Curl Dumbell – 40×5 for 3 sets

Dip Machine – 285×8, 245×3, 205×4, 165×5, 125×6, 85×8, 85×8

These were all done back to back, the only rest time being when I changed the pin. I was able to bust out 2 more reps than Sunday at 285.

Tricep Pushdown – 45×15 for 4 sets
Skullcrushers Cable – 20×15, 15, 15, 18

Behind The Back Forearm Curls – 95×10 for 2 sets
Farmers Walks – 50lbs for 2 sets

Then I just throw in random things like weight-clamp squeeze, keeping my arms to the side, then holding a 10lb plate I can grip around with one hand and hold it while it’s vertical to the floor, which really burns out the forearms.

Went to Wal-Mart to get my protein, and they had glutamine in stock, finally. $10 for 66 servings, which is awesome, because I take 4 servings a day. Then I got my roast beef, my eggs, my awesome cinnamon bread, MuscleTech protein drinks that are in those cardboard containers, gatorade, tuna with veggie oil, and 100% whole wheat papa-pitas, which rock because not only are they the best tasting pitas I’ve ever had, but each one is 8g of protein, and 7g of fiber.



Leg Press [plate loaded] – 350×10, 460×8, 550×8, 860×5

Deadlift – 140×5, 190×5, 230×6

PR, motherfuckers. That’s two in a row I had today. I added 5lbs to every deadlift from last week, and even hit an extra rep on that last set.

One-Leg Cable Press – 125×4, 100×4 for 3 sets

I was fucking toasted during that one-leg press.

Leg Ext – 50×20 for 4 sets
Leg Curl – 60×20 for 4 sets

These are all back to back, no rest.

Standing Calf Raise Smith Machine – 110×20, 160×10 for 2 sets, then I did single leg, my right one, for 160×6, 8.

Cardio: Incline for 22 minutes. Mostly at 10 for 2mph, then the last 3 minutes or so were 13 for 2.2mph, and I was really feeling that in my calves.

As always, for my pre & post it went like this:

Pre: Either 60g of oatmeal or maltodextrin, with 30g of whey isolate and 2 caps of kre-alkalyn creatine.

Post: 30g of dextrose [via 24oz of Gatorade] & 30g of maltodextrin, 2 caps of kre-alkalyn, 12g of BCAA, and 20g of protein.


~ by Caliber Winfield on June 26, 2014.

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