Buff Saturday – August 2nd, 2014

Yeah, I changed it to Buff Saturday instead of Friday. It just made more sense, since, you know, Saturday is clearly more about being buff.

Now, please don’t disturb the article, it’s dead tired…

Hard To Be Humble Beginnings

One of the hardest things aspects of working out is a beginner deciding what’s best. It’s a crucial time when you first start working out, because you can pack on a great deal of muscle in a very short amount of time, and if you miss the boat, it’s tough to ever get it back. Sad part is, very few ever do get it right the first time, I sure as shit didn’t. So, we’ll have a look at a program I think is damn solid for beginners.


5×5 is about as basic a program as you can get. It consists of 5 exercises, and that’s it. You work full body three times a week, all multi-joint exercises. You build yourself a nice solid foundation, so when you move on to more classic bodybuilding or powerlifting splits, you have a great base to work off.  As I stated, you workout three days a week, with a days rest between each workout, and the only exercise you do each workout is the squat. Some people say squatting three times a week is too much, but that’s bullshit. I’d never squatted a day in my life until last November when I started 5×5, and come February I was busting out 225lb for reps of 5, after starting out at 95lb.

A –
Squat – 5×5
Bench – 5×5
Barbell Row – 5×5

B –
Squat – 5×5
Military Press – 5×5
Deadlift – 3×5

A –
Squat 5×5
Bench – 5×5
Barbell Row – 5×5

OK, so when you start off the program, you’ll do it in that order. The next week, you switch, so you do the B workout twice, and the A once. Then switch back, and so forth.

You add 5lbs a lift every workout, so make sure you start low, otherwise you’ll plateau early. Do straight sets. What that means is do your warm ups, then find a weight you can bust out for 5 sets of 5 reps.

If you want more information, plus testimonials, check out stronglifts.com, it has a wealth of information, great website.

One exercise that’s made a huge difference lately is the Snatch Grip High Pull, a move I’d never even heard of before. There’s a scene in Pain & Gain where The Rock is fighting in the prison yard, and we get a scene of him walking from behind, and his traps & upper back are fucking massive. So, I started doing a search on how to best improve those areas, as shrugs & upright rows weren’t really doing it for me.

I finally found an article on the SGHP. It’s not easy, but it works, it works damn well. I’d say my traps have improved by 80%. They’re a hell of a lot bigger all the way around, and as thick as my forearm. They’ve become one of my best features, and it’s in large part thanks to the SGHP. Watch the video, learn the bad boy, and implement it.

Cesaro is a fucking BEAST. The guy is damn near, if not completely, on par with John Cena strength wise. I really can’t overstate how impressive the weight he uses to snatch is. Although his legs could use a bit more size.

Caliber’s Wide World of Weights This Week:

I was able to hit 3 PRs. First up is in the deadlift & rack pull. On Monday I was able to pull 275 for 8 reps on the rack pull, which had my back sore as all hell the next day, and then on Thursday I deadlifted 235 for 10 reps. That shit was brutal, and honestly the closest I’ve ever come to puking. Really, you wanna be sore all over, go completely balls out on a set of deadlifts. Fuck squats, deadlifts are the GOAT.

For years I’d see this picture of Dorian Yates putting up 8 plates [4 each side] on a Hammer Strength Incline Machine [upon checking it out this morning, it was actually 8 plates and 2 25lb plates, but hell, I thought it was just 4 plates]. Anyway, it’s an awesome picture and something I’d been after for quite a while. I’d had a few attempts over the last couple months, but just couldn’t get it. Today I nailed it, and pretty much felt like I was ready to win Mr. Olympia. Honestly, I can’t say enough about setting a goal in the weight room and finally nailing it. It makes you feel like a fucking beast, and does wonders for your mood & confidence. One of the big reasons I really love working out, and feel anyone who can, should.

Alright, see you guys next week where I’m sure I’ll be reporting that I’ve nailed the illusive 800lb squat & bench…at the same exact time.



~ by Caliber Winfield on August 2, 2014.

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