Buff Saturday – August 9th, 2014


Greetings, all.

For those who’ve been keeping track, I’ve been doing Arnold style training the last couple of months and I’ve been in love with it. Today I decided I wanted to try Arnold’s ultimate chest & back routine. This routine is infamous for the fact that really, only Arnold was capable of handling it. Many others, big time pros, would give it a shot and have results that went from fainting to puking. Arnold, being the fucking beast that he is, would do everything back to back, and not rest, saying that while he worked chest, his back rested, and vice versa.
Clearly, I wasn’t going to try that, but I was still going to give this routine a try. Well, I have no shame in saying it kicked my fucking ass. I was seriously nauseous multiple times because of how much it taxes your body. I mean, you’re working your chest & back heavy, which is like, 80% of your upper body. Here’s what my numbers look like, and no, they aren’t impressive because this shit was taxing the fuck out of me.

Flat Bench – 155×12, 185×10, 205×6, 225×5
Wide-Grip Pull-Down – 105×12, 120×10, 135×8, 150×5

Hammer Strength Incline – 140×12, 180×8, 230×6, 270×4 1/2th
T-Bar – 90×10, 100×8, 110×6, 135×6

Machine Flies – 170×12, 180×10, 195×8, 210×7
Barbell Row – 135×12, 155×10, 170×8, 205×5

Close-Grip Pull-Down – 120×8, 135×7, 150×6

Dumbell Pull-Over – 40×8, 45×8, 8

25 minutes of incline cardio.

If you guys wanna test your burliness, give this bad bitch a shot.

I’m posting this video for two reasons:

1 – to put you guys up on game about my boys Chris & Vince over at Physiques of Greatness. Chris Jones is one of the best natural bodybuilders today. Dude kills it, he looks great, and he’s strong as all hell.
A move that he opened me up to is Rack Pulls, as the video states. A Rack Pull, as you’ll see, is when you set a squat-racks pins below your knees, then place the bar on them, and deadlift from there. It takes a bit of the legs out, and puts more back into it. RP’s are 100% responsible for me upping my deadlift game tremendously. A few months ago, I was struggling to rep 200lbs for 5 reps on the deadlift, now I can hit 235lb for 10, and 300lb for a single. Just the other day I hit 305 for 5 reps on the rack-pulls. Watch the video, learn how it’s done, and give that bad bitch a shot.

This video is one of those that can get you in the mood to workout, because it’s just classic, barebones testosterone. We see Frank Mir defeat Brock Lesnar with a lucky submission, then we see him talk shit in interviews while Lesnar trains, and then we see some footage of the rematch. It’s a great video, and will have you in the gym issuing Bane-style back-breakers to leg press machines.

Can’t believe I haven’t posted a Bruce Lee video yet. He’s been one of my heroes since I was a little kid, and the older I get, the more admiration & respect I have for him. The guy was an absolute marvel in so many avenues. In this video, we see him do his two-finger push-up, along with this famed one-inch punch, and in my opinion, the more impressive 6 inch punch. I mean, look how fucking far that guy flies away! Also, the nunchuck ordeal isn’t Bruce, but an actor in Hong Kong, still impressive though.
OK, before I go, I just want to throw something out there about warming up. I know, I know, everyone says warm-up, but it can be boring as fuck, and you want to just jump into it. Well, lately I’ve been making sure to warm up, especially on shoulders, and my workouts have been better. For shoulders, I find the best warm-up routine is as follows:

Rotator Cuff reps. Basically, grab a dumbell, a very light one, now hold your arm out as if you were about to do a dumbell press. OK, now find something that’s the height of the lower part of your arm. Rest your arm on it, now lower the weight, and bring it back up. Basically, you’d look as if you were arm-wrestling, but standing to the side instead of facing the guy. It’d be like if you were sitting at a table, then turned and leaned on it, then smacked your hand down on the table. Instead, just grab a light weight and bust out 10 reps on each arm, then do it again, back to back. Afterward, grab like 10lbs, and do 2 sets of side-lateral raises, and 2 sets of presses, and you’re off to the races. I really can’t stress those rotator cuff reps enough, warming up the RCs is vastly important. So, if my shitty explanation wasn’t good enough, then by all means google it.

Alrighty, that’s all the wisdom I have to impart for the day. Next week we’ll focus more on some nutrition aspects. If you guys have any questions you’d like me answer here, send’em on to caliberw@hotmail.com, or just leave’em in the comments section.


~ by Caliber Winfield on August 9, 2014.

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