Str8 Buffness – September 23rd, 2014

Today I talk about my new 6 day split, a new PR I hit, as well as update with how I’m looking these days. Afterwards I introduce you guys to Da Hulk, then we watch a video on important bench techniques from Matt Bell.

Let’s get it…

Greetings all, thanks for joining me here, the buffest point of the internet.

A week ago I talked about goals, and how setting them is important. Well, I’ve talked a lot about how I want a 300lb, and happen to be steady working at it. 2 other goals I’ve been obsessed with is over-head pressing my bodyweight for a single, and being able to hoist up 80lb dumbells for a solid 5 reps.

The over-head bodyweight press is gonna take at least another year. Currently I’m repping 150lbs for around 3-5 reps. About a month ago I tried to get up 65lb dumbells, and it wasn’t gonna happen. So, naturally, I had to try for 70s yesterday. On my first attempt, I got the right up, but not the left, second shot I got the left not the right, 3rd go around it was the right and not the left. Then I started getting pissed. Just attempting to hoist those motherfuckers is a workout, and I was afraid I wasn’t gonna have the strength to rep’em once I got’em up. So, I climbed up on a bench and drop a Macho Man elbow on them, kipped up like Shawn Michaels, and hoisted those motherfuckers up, killing it for 4 reps, with no leg drive. Give me a month or two and I think I’ll finally get those 80s.

Like I said, guys, set goals. Please. It felt so fucking great to bomb out on those first tries, and then finally succeed.

Current Routine

I’m a big believer in power-bodybuilding. I don’t think it’s enough to just be strong, or to just be huge. I want to be both. This style of training chases both. You start off each workout with a HEAVY compound lift, such as squat, deadlift, bench, or overhead press. We’re talking in the 1-3 range here, for 5 sets. That works your strength, and gets your CNS all fired up.

Afterward, you do bodybuilding style lifts. Meaning you do higher-reps, anywhere from 8-12, and time your rest periods, which will vary between 1 minute and 15 seconds between each set. Also, you do your lifts bodybuilding style, doing things such as avoiding the lock-out, in order to retain tension on the muscle, or drop sets.

So I don’t overload you guys with info in one article, I’m gonna post my workouts everyday for the next week, so you guys know exactly what I’m doing.

Current Status

This is me as of 5 days ago. I was 265, and wanted to drop 15lbs. I’m 249lb, so I actually crushed it by 1 extra pound, baby. I know a lot of guys want to be a lot leaner, but I’m more than happy at this bodyweight. I’ve always admired the thicker, strong-man type physiques, and that’s what I’m chasing. Plus, being at a higher bodyweight allows me to put on strength easier, and I want that 900 total.

One of the ways I was able to drop the weight without having to change up my diet, was incline walking. Fuck the old guard of steady-state cardio. If you want to lose fat, then your best bet is either walking at an incline, or HIIT. Incline walking is what does it for me. I usually keep it at 12-13 for the incline, and the speed around 1.8-2mph.

Now, as for those traps I have, 4 words: Snatch Grip High Pulls.


People often ask what my goals are, and that’s it. I want to be as big, and as strong as The Hulk. You guys gotta watch this video, it’s great. Plus, CT is always a blast.

Look, I know how it is. You’ve been working out for years, and you know everything. But the day you actually know something, is when you realize you don’t know shit. I’ve really done right by my bench by watching videos from Chris Jones of POG, and Mark Bell. Now, I’m not saying you have to do everything everyone tells you, just pick & choose what works best for you, from people you trust.

Bruce Lee vs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Why? Because it’s fucking awesome, that’s why.

Final Set:

How often do you see people squatting? Yup, same here. I never see it. Why? Because squatting is hard, and to be honest, can fucking suck. When you start getting up there in weight, it can dig into your back, and make you feel like you’re gonna pass the hell out when you stop fucking around. Of course, this is why hardly anyone sticks out at the gym. Everybody is average, because everyone wants to hit the machines, or do a ton of curls.

Don’t be average. Fuck it. Seriously. It’s so easy to be average. It’s so damn easy to load up plates on the Leg Press and go for it, plus you can get a decent pair of wheels with it. But it won’t set you apart. Anyone can get in the LP and go for it. But not anyone can squat. It takes technique, practice, steady learning & dedication, and you get out everything you put in. So don’t fear the squat.

Once you start busting out 225 for reps, and you gotta buy new jeans because of the size of your quads, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the squat.


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