My routines for the last couple days

Greetings, big homies. As promised, here’s what I’ve been up to the last couple of days. Let’s get it…

Thursday, September 25th

Squat & Upper Back Day

Squats – 195×5 for 3 sets.

Hypers – 3 sets of 8

Farmers Walks – 70, 90, 80 – walking for 15-20 seconds.

Hammer Strength Shrugs – 360×8, 8, 8

I let those suckers drag at some points, and you could really feel the stretch in the traps.

Snatch Grip High Pulls – 85×5 for 3 sets

Incline walk – 10 minutes between 8-10 incline at a 1.7 pace, then the last 5 minutes were as high as it could go, 15 on incline.

I stopped squatting for a while, because after doing it for 4 months, at a pace of 3 days a week, I was burnt the fuck out. Now that I’m back, I’m building back up to where I was, which was 225lb for reps of 5. However, after watching a video by Mike O’Hearn, I decided to try a different style of squat, the low-bar squat. Normally I keep it up on my traps, now it’s beneath them, around my rear delts. I feel a hell of a lot more power & stability.

Wednesday, September 24th

Pull Day B

Rack Pull – 255×4, 4, 5, 135×8

Barbell Row – 175×8, 8, 9, 60sec RP

Lat Pulldown – 150×11, 8, 7, 60sec RP

One-Arm Row – 55×10 for 5 sets, 30 sec RP

Holy shit, I was fucking fried after those one-arm rows.

HS Preacher – 45×10, 10, 10, 30sec RP

Standing Str8 Curl – 50×7, 7, 30sec RP

Rear Delt Machine Flye – 30×10 for 5 sets, 15sec RP

On those rack pulls, I decided to stray away from using a belt & straps. I chalked up, and that helped with the grip. I did wuss out and go back to the belt for the last two sets though. But I can definitely feel that first set, and some of the warm-ups in my lower back.

Tuesday, September 23rd

Push Day B

Standing Over-Head Press – 135×5, 145×4, 3, 4, 4. RP of 120 sec

Incline Barbell Bench – 145×10 for 3 sets, RP of 60 secs

When it comes to freeweight incline bench, I have to do the lift bodybuilding style, where I don’t lock out, or touch my chest, but keep constant tension on the muscle. Otherwise, it fucks with my shoulders for some reason.

Close-Grip Flat Bench – 140×10 for 3 sets, RP 60 secs

Machine Fly – 115×10 for 5 sets, RP 30 secs

Cable Rope Pressdown – 80×10 for 5 sets, RP 30 secs

Standing Lateral Raise – 10×10 for 5 sets, RP 15 secs

Incline walk for 20 minutes. For the last 5, I had it maxed out at 15, I remember a few months ago, thinking that keeping a pace at that level was impossible.
I picked up some weight gainer, Muscle Milk style, and it’s a pretty well done product. 4 scoops gets you close to 700 calories, with a solid amount of healthy carbs & fats. Not a lot of sugar bullshit. I’m only gonna have one a day, right before bed, then go hibernate like a bear. Weight gainer shakes always feel like you’ve swallowed a bowling ball, because it’s so many damn calories in a single shot.




~ by Caliber Winfield on September 25, 2014.

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