The Only Review of the Simpsons Halloween Specials 1&2 That You’ll Ever Need


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So, it’s October, which means your boy brings the horror themed goods. This year I’m going to review the first 10 Simpsons Halloween Specials, since they stopped being worth it after the 10th.  You’ll be getting two at a time, because I spoil you. Also, there’s going to be a film review or two, so look out for that.

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Alright, let’s get it.


Marge is our warning for the evening, with the classic red curtain backdrop. The gravestones aren’t as jokey as they’d soon be, other than Paul McCartney & Disco, the rest are actual dead folk.

1. Bad Dream House

Bad Dream House
This one is Bart’s story that’s a take on the Amityville Horror. The house immediately says they need to get out, and promises bad things to come if they stay. Homer feels it’s worth staying in a house of evil not to simply save a few dollars, but a few thousand dollars. They try to murder one another, but Marge freaks out on the house, and it backs off. It’s then given the option of living with the Simpsons, or self-imploding. It chooses the latter.

Funniest Moment: Homer calls the Real Estate Agent in anger after learning the house is built on an Indian Burial Ground. He yells at him for not mentioning, to which the agent says he told him about it 5 or 6 times.


Hungry Are The Damned
They’re having a BBQ in the backyard when Kodus & Kang show up and take them aboard. There’s a 3rd alien, voiced by James Earl Jones, who’s apparently the cook. They keep serving them tons of food, while weighing them, and making cracks in regards to perhaps eating them. Lisa is suspicious, and does some investigating. She finds the book “How To Cook Humans”, but after a few turns of space dust removal, we found out the book is How To Cook For Forty Humans. I guess if 41 folk show up, they’re screwed. It turns out that there were no plans to eat them at all, and now instead of living in bliss, they must return home because Lisa saw one too many Twilight Zone episodes.

Funniest Moment:
The whole space dust deal with the cook book was great, especially if you get the reference.


The Raven:
Ugh. I dislike Edgar a whole bunch, and can’t stand this short.

Nothing. I think the whole deal was crafted just to justify whatever price they paid Earl. He does have a hell of a narration voice however.

Final Score: ***1/4. It’s certainly not their strongest Treehouse of Horror, but it also isn’t the worst. They were only 3 episodes into the second season, so they hadn’t yet gathered the fantastic team that would soon turn the series into an all time great.
Treehouse of Horror II


Marge is out in front of the red curtain to warn us again, but inevitability says you didn’t listen last year, why would you now. This year’s gravestones are Bambi’s Mom, Cajun cooking, Walt Disney, and Lose Weight Ask me How.


The kids show up from trick or treating, and along with Homer start mobbing on candy. Man, I use to eat myself sick every Halloween. Especially when this one house would hand out multiple, yes, multiple, full-sized candy bars.
Lisa’s Nightmare

simpsons monkey paw2
The Simpsons are in Marrakesh, and Homer buys a monkey’s paw. He’s told the owner will be given 4 wishes, but with each wish comes grave misfortune. Maggie is the first to make a wish, and orders up a new pacifier. Bart grabs it and demands the Simpsons become rich & famous. They soon become over exposed, and people start to disdain them. “Man smart! But woman is, smarter!”. Lisa wishes for World peace. Everyone burns their weapons, which then brings the aliens who can now run things with a sling-shot & club. Homer, tired of people screwing up things with way-ward wishes, asks for a turkey sandwich, and he doesn’t want to turn into a turkey himself, and he doesn’t want any zombie turkey either. It’s an OK sandwich, however the turkey is a little dry. Homer ends up giving the paw to Flanders, but all his wishes go well. Honestly, this is one of the funniest bits of the Simpsons ever.

Funniest Moment:
It was hard to choose, but I had to go with the moment after Homer buys the paw, and Marge asks where he got it. Homer says “from that guy, right over there…..wah..” but ends up pointing to a now empty plot with nothing but wind. He then corrects himself and says “Oh no wait, he’s over there” to which we see the vender smiling & waving. Brilliant.

Bart’s Nightmare

Bart has mental powers that enable him to do whatever he wants. As such, everyone has to think happy thoughts, and do whatever Bart says, including changing America’s history. It is now known as Bonerland, and discovered by some guy.
Homer is watching football, when Bart walks in and demands to watch Krusty. Homer tells him to shut up, because he has $50 riding on the game. Suddenly he disappears, and on the TV as the football is kicked for a field goal, the ball turns into Homer who smashes into the goal post. He then returns home with plans to bash Bart’s head in, end of monster. However, since he thought this plan, Bart catches him and turns him into a Jack In The Box. Marge takes Bart to a therapist, who suggests that Bart & Homer spend quality time together. They do, and Bart turns Homer back into a normal person, as they grow to love each other.

Funniest Moment:
Without a doubt, the football turning into Homer as he smashes into the goal posts. It’s made even funnier as the announcer says “the football is turning into a fat, bald guy”, and says it so casually. Another brilliant moment that signaled just what kind of fantastic road the series was headed down.

Homer’s Nightmare

Mr. Burns is tired of his workers being so lazy & pathetic, and decides to build a robotic worker with a human brain. But first he fires Homer. Now that he needs a job, Homer takes up grave digging. At one point, Homer lays down and takes a nap inside of an open grave he was digging. While asleep, Mr. Burns & Smithers show up in order to find themselves a brain, and come across Homer. They drag him back to Mr. Burns’ lab, and proceed to remove his brain and put it inside the robot. In a way, the transplant was a success, however the robot is now like Homer, as he only eats & sleeps. Mr. Burns is heart broken, and even though he proved the guy at Radio Shack who said he was mad wrong, he decides to abandon the whole experiment. He returns Homer’s brain into his body, and then promptly kicks failed robot. Unfortunately for him, he’s crushed by it, which ends up giving him a slight headache. Smithers ends up grafting Burns’ head onto Homer’s body.

Funniest Moment:
Not only is it the funniest moment of this short, but it’s one of my all time favorite moments. As they’re dragging Homer’s body back to the lab, he starts making noises that Smithers notices and mentions to Mr. Burns. After asking him if he heard the noises, Mr. Burns responds with “Who is it, Smithers? Frankenstein? The BOOOGER Man?!”. The fact he calls the Boogyman, the Boooger Man is so fucking funny to me. After that, he clobbers the hell out of Homer, telling him to quit scaring Smithers. I watched that part 3 times while doing this review.

Final Score: ****1/2. This was the first classic in the Treehouse of Horror series, with every short being fantastic, and the Monkey’s Paw portion standing out as one of the Simpsons’ most loved episodes. They were really getting into their groove once season 3 hit, and things were only going to get better.


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