Happy Friday The 13th – Top 3 Jason’s Face Reveal

jasonsfacerevealheaderIt’s the money shot of the Friday The 13th franchise, the moment everyone looks forward to that helps define each entry. Which ones does your boy Caliber think are the best? Tune in, baby, tune in.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a gif that encapsulated the entire moment. After this reveal, Chris screams and says “It’s you!”, at which point we pan back to Jason who’s giving her this very creepy smirk. See, years ago, Jason had actually attacked Chris in the woods. Fans have speculated for years about whether or not things got sexual, but I don’t believe they did. That’s not Jason’s MO.
Regardless, it’s bad enough that he slaughtered all her friends, but then he takes joy in the fact he knows she’s gonna remember him. This all took place after a fantastic chase scene in which Jason ended up at the end of a noose. However, all that did was give him a chance to show off his strength has he pulled his entire body-weight up with one hand, like an executive. Er, wait. Like a manager? No, no…like a boss! That’s it. Like a boss.
The make-up here was simple and understated. He looked grotesque & deformed, but not so completely over the top that it was laughable, or so underwhelming you felt let down. He had just enough gristle to make you feel uneasy.


What we’ve got here is the definitive Jason, the one that most people think of when Jason comes to mind. This reveal was fantastic, and easily the most original of the entire franchise. Tina, basically an off-brand for Carrie, had to do something to keep Jason from breaking her new beau’s back. Well, what else is there to do but use your telepathic powers to squeeze Jason’s mask so tight that it starts to crush his skull, and cause a gnarly amount of puss to ooze out.
At this point, Jason turns around to devote his attention towards Tina, when in a flashback to the opening credits, Jason’s mask splits down the middle and we get arguably the scariest version of Jason to date. With all credit going to director John Carl Buechler and his effects team, we get an absolute masterpiece in make-up effects. A good amount of Jason’s flesh has rotted away, so a portion of his skull his showing, as well as almost all of his teeth on one side of his face. He has the World’s greatest meth mouth, as a few pieces of teeth jut out of his rotted flesh, all directed by the vision of one sunken, bloody eye. Better yet, the mask remains off, so we get to see Jason’s facial reactions towards things, making the climax that much better as you can feel his anger that much better, and see the thoughts running through his mind, as Tina evades him more & more. Fantastic stuff.

jason window

Again, I’m sad I couldn’t get the full gif, because what we see up there is only half the shot. As Jason comes flying through the window, we get a slow motion shot of both sides, revealing each side of the gnarled mess we would come to know and love as, Jason Voorhees.
The reason I put this at number 1 is for a few reasons. Now, personally, this isn’t my favorite look of Jason, but the way it was revealed was nothing short of brilliant. First off, he was mobbing around with the sack on his head for the entire film, so we saw nothing but an eye. That was it. After driving the machete through half his torso, Ginny can’t help but have a look, and removes the bag. She and Paul recoil in disgust, as we the audience are left to wonder just what the hell was so bad. Well, we don’t get a look, as they head back to the camp to regroup. While sitting in a cabin, enjoying the fact that no demented, backwoods murderers are jumping through the window, BOOM! Jason comes leaping through the window, looking like Sloth from the Goonies if he joined Lynard Skynard. All kidding aside, the make-up was fantastic. He had all this gnarly, stringy hair that was growing in patches, with a beard that was just as bad. He had terrible teeth, and the side of his face was greatly disfigured. We hadn’t seen a slasher villain that had ever looked anything like this. On top of all that, he EXPLODES into the scene in one of the series’ best moments. It’s a great piece of film-making a testament to just how underrated the world of horror is when it comes to creating memorable pieces of film.

Well, that wraps it up for this Friday The 13th. Join me next month when we have another, as I’ll have a pretty big announcement for you guys. Till then, get all your Friday The 13th related needs at FridayThe13thFranchise.com. Don’t bother with any other websites, they have a death curse.


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 13, 2015.

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