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podcastheaderGreetings, all.

I have quite a few brand new episodes on board today. One of them is the second episode of a series called The Burlycast. My co-host and I from Mercy Is For The Weak talk about all things burly in the world. The main feature of each episode will be a look at an all time classic in the realm of burly cinema. We also celebrate a choice icon in the world of burly, in our Mantastic Spotlight. So, without further ado.

All episodes of Mercy Is For The Weak, Thursday Night’s Main Event, and The Burlycast can be found at

Mercy Is For The Weak – Episode 13 – This Week, Caliber & Mike Become Private I’s!
Greetings, all. This week we discuss everything from political standings, to ass-injections done in the back of a Jiffy Lube. Also on the docket is a discussion about why people want to see Superman bleed, and how it’s a sad sign for society. All this, a hell of a lot more, plus the Top 3: Video Game Themes.

The Burlycast – Episode 2 – OK, USA!
The boys open up today’s show by talking about the burliness of not having certain major organs. They then talk about loving dogs, and putting bears in wrestling holds. Caliber then talks about the gym, how it completely changed his life, and how everyone else would absolutely benefit from it. Afterwards, they then discuss in detail one of the greatest films ever made, Bloodsport, a film that transcends time and brings worlds together. Finally, in the Burly Spotlight this week we feature none other than arguably the greatest and burliest man of all time, Bruce Lee.

Click here to see the scene from The Specialist that Mike & I were talking about on the Burlycast.

Is+tumblr+sexist+if+you+liked+the+post+why+not_59b39b_5123380The image we talked about in The Burlycast, which shows the most common hashtags from Tumblr that begin with “#men” or “#women”.


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