Monday Nitro – January 13th, 1997


The show opens up with the Giant bursting into the nWo locker room, screaming at Hogan for ducking him on the title shot, and even says “You’re a 4 legged feline”. Geez, you hate a guy, so you call him a tiger?

Mr. JL vs Chavo Guerrero
Standard start for a Crusierweight match, with a pretty funny moment that sees JL against the ropes, Chavo dropkicking him, and instead of going over the ropes, he gets it, then ducks, and flyes out over the second rope, as if the impact of the move took a few seconds to actually effect him. After that, they maintain a pretty good pace with some highflying work, until Chavo beats JL with the same move the 123 Kid used to beat Razor on RAW. Decent opener.
Chavo pins JL with a moonsault at 4:12 | **

Jim Duggan vs Super Calo
Oh, man. Duggan. He gives a promo about seeing the nWo running wild, and how he had to do something. So, the something he did is carry a WCW flag. Yup, that outta do it.He also says he can’t do it alone, and for Sting to be a man, and quit being so wishy washy. Then, as he hits the ring, my HERO, my freaking HERO, Sting, shows up and drops Duggan with the Scorpion Death Drop. Thus he we get no Duggan match. Love you Sting.

SGT Craig Pitman vs Chris Jericho
It’s weird, the WWE over-dubs any WCW themes that are soundalikes. Like Jericho’s Pearl Jam rip-off theme is replaced with Break The Walls Down, and DDP’s Nirvana rip-off is replaced with some crappy sounding theme song. This didn’t go the distance, as Jericho takes him out with a drop-kick from the top a minute into the match.
Jericho wins with the drop-kick from the top rope and the pin at 1:05 | *

High Voltage vs Harlem Heat
About a minute and a half into the match, we suddenly cut back to see The Giant rushing the locker room of the nWo again, and once again being drug out. That couldn’t wait until after the match? I mean, sure, this isn’t setting the world on fire, but that was a major problem of WCW, disrespecting wrestlers and the effort they were putting in. High Voltage, their names are Kaos & Rage. Seriously, was this one of those “a 3rd grade class decides the name of the new WCW tag team” kinda thing? Regardless, they lose to the Heat Seeker, which is Kaos sitting on the shoulders of Stevie and eating a top rope drop-kick from Booker. The 3rd graders are gonna be bummed.
Voltage loses to the Heat Seeker at 4:02 | *

Bischoff and DiBiase come out for commentary, which I always prefer. They’re a great team.

DDP vs Mark Star
This match has a great ending where Mark Starr dives into the Diamond Cutter before DDP even grabs his head. Afterwards, Hall & Nash come out to give him an nWo shirt, and of course he rocks Hall with a Diamond Cutter, and ducks Nash, causing him to crash to the outside, making him a bonafide superstar.
DDP beats Mark Star with the Diamond Cutter at .54 seconds | ***** [that’s counting the match & moment]

Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero
These guys are capable of having some of the best matches I’ve ever seen, but a section of morons in this crowd just won’t give them a chance, as they chant “boring” multiple times through-out the match. And honestly, I think they’re throwing it in their faces by having MULTIPLE submission spots that are very long, and very boring, which I find hilarious. I mean, within 10 minutes they went from a long figure 4 spot, to a very long abdominal stretch spot, to a chinlock spot, to an inverted surfboard spot, it’s great. Beyond that though, they’re delivering like they always do. I wish they’d be given more time, because they were just warming up, still however, this is one of the longest matches you’ll see on a Nitro. At one point Syxx comes out and sits on a ladder, which distracts Eddie when he goes for the Frog Splash, only for Dean to hit him with a pinning powerbomb.
Dean wins with a powerbomb at 12:15 | **1/2

Super Calo vs Konnan
Apparently Calo got his name and look from, what was at that point, the number 1 one rap group in Mexico, Calo. What the hell? Konnan just powerbombed Calo twice in a row, then went and sat on a turnbuckle, just sat there, to which Calo jumps up like nothing is wrong, runs up the turnbuckle and sends Konnan flying with a head-scissors. It was like they were showing people moves or something, like “OK, I do this, now he’s gonna do this. Watch! Dad, you’re not watching!”. Calo botches a move attempt, Konnan just stares at him as he lays on the ground before picking him up and hitting the Tequila Sunrise. An interesting match.
Konnan wins with the TS at 2:44 | *

Chris Benoit vs Jeff Jarrett
Not much of a match, really. Mongo and Arn come down, Double A distracts the ref so Mongo can can crack Double J with the briefcase, only his wife, Debra, tussles with him over it, and once he has it and swings, he accidentally hits Benoit, allowing for Double J to get the pin. That was the longest sentence ever.
Jeff pins Benoit after outside interference at 3:24 | *

Kidman vs Scotty Riggs
This was pre-Flock for both, and both were pretty terrible, gimmick wise. Kidman was like the 1-2-3 Kids stunt double or something, as he’d come out in a tuxedo jacket with lightening bolts on it, and blue tights with his name on’em. He was dressed like a child who’s going as a stuntman for Halloween. Riggs, well, he came out to the worst wrestling theme ever, and continues to be an American Male. Kidman goes for a 360 splash, but misses, to which Tenay calls it a Shooting Star Press, and then Riggs hits him a Perfect Plex for the pin. Seriously, the WORST theme of all time.
Riggs hits the Perfect Plex, which he calls the Ameriplex, seriously, the WORST name for a wrestling move, for the win at 2:13 | *

Hell yeah, Road Report with Lee Marshall.

Lex Luger vs Rick Fuller
Fuller looks like the crappiest Create A Wrestler ever. Tall dude with a standard black singlet, and massive hair that makes him look like wrestling’s answer to Joan Osbourne. Standard stuff, hip tosses, shoulder blocks, Fuller gets a little steam, but then Luger throws him in the Rack for the submission. Lex is pretty over at the moment, with the crowd insanely hot for him.
Lex wins with the Rack at 2:55 | *

Arn Anderson vs Rick Steiner
They mention that tonight is the debut of a new show called The New Adventures of Robin Hood. I remember back in the day, for some reason, I HATED that show. I use to leave my TV on after Nitro and play some video games or something, but when I saw this Robin Hood show, I swore I’d never leave my TV on that channel after Nitro, because I didn’t want to give Robin Hood any ratings and I wanted that show to be canceled. Anyway, the match went no where, as Arn kept getting his ass kicked, and calling for the Horsemen to come out, yet they never did, so he went back to find them, and got a countout. Alright.
Anderson was counted out at 2:57 | No Rating

Hollywood Hogan vs The Giant [non-title]
Apparently, if this match goes over the 10:00, then they’ll show the match during the commercials of Robin Hood. Wow, I honestly remember this night, because I remember staying tuned and watching it during the commercial. Crazy the stuff they use to do. So, this match is EXACTLY what you’d think it’d be. Giant kicks Hogan’s ass, they keep cutting away as they were going back to that Robin Hood show, the Giant goes for the chokeslam, and what could possibly happen at this point? Seriously, was there EVER an nWo match that didn’t end in interference and a DQ? It’s amazing that the nWo angle was as hot for as long as it was, because I’m sick to death of these non finishes.
Bell is rung for the DQ finish at 4:01 | No rating

Overall: Not a slam dunk show, but better than last week’s. Of course, it does feature one of the greatest moments in Nitro history as DDP was turned into a bonafide star, so it’s obviously noteable for that reason. Also, seeing Duggan get dropped on his head by Sting instead of wrestling was a-OK. .


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