Taking A Look At Some of WWE’s Best In 2015

Wrestling doesn’t have anything to really offer me in this day and age. I don’t watch the current product of either TNA or WWE. However, I do read results and PPV reviews.  I was keeping tabs of certain matches that people said were worth while, and today I take a look. If there’s any I missed you’d like your boy to take a look at, lemme know. Also, I hand out my first 5 star match since Punk vs Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker – Hell In A Cell
Well, first things, nothing sets the mood for a capper to a blood feud in side the Cell like a pink fucking rope. I mean, are you kidding me? Couldn’t the WWE wait to do it’s bullshit pandering for a different PPV? A few minutes into it, and Brock is bleeding, I couldn’t be happier. Finally, blood! And he’s gushing, too. It’s already covering his entire face in the span of a minute or two. The lame doctor comes in, which rightfully draws boos, and Brock tells him to get lost. Great moment where Lesnar is beating on Taker ring side, and the ref says “Get it back in the ring! Get it back in the ring!”, pretty brilliant, let’s completely defeat the point of the match. Soon after, we get the biggest pop of the night when the doctor tries to slow down the match AGAIN and Brock just sends his ass flying. In a pretty original moment, Brock starts tearing the ring apart to bring out exposed wooden planks. After kicking out of a tombstone on the planks, Lesnar low-blows ‘Taker and hits an F5 on’em. This was a great match, and something I’ve been waiting for for a while. Very brutal, bloody, and hard-hitting. This is the sort of thing that a lot of feuds need, and hopefully one day, we’ll start to see it more often.
Brock wins with an F5 at 22:10 | ****½

Kevin Owens vs John Cena – Elimination Chamber 2015
Cena gets a hell of a pop. It’s insane that this cat has been on top for 10 straight years and he’s more popular than ever. They banter pretty well in the beginning before KO starts to dominate in pretty convincing fashion, something I wasn’t sure he could do. He also pulls out a lot of interesting moves, like a running front-flip splash into the corner. Later he does a pretty impressive moonsault that starts with him jumping from the second rope, spinning 180 mid-air, landing on the top rope and flying into the moonsault. They keep trading attempts at putting one another down, with neither getting the right combo until KO hits John with the pop-up powerbomb. It’s absolutely insane that he was able to put down John Cena, clean. Good on the WWE for trying to make new stars. I didn’t love this match as much as others, but it’s still pretty damn solid.
Owens defeats Cena with the Pop-Up Powerbomb at 19:43 | ****

Kevin Owens vs John Cena – Money In The Bank 2015
This one starts off stronger than the last match, as they forgoe the usual standard stuff most matches do and head right into a lot of power moves, trying to get the pin quickly. I also like how Owens is into stealing entire move-sets of Cena’s. Owens goes for a Senton Bomb at one point, which John counters by putting his knees up, and that’s brutal. Owens does this odd move where he goes for a powerbomb, but holds the persons legs in and twists them in mid air, I got no idea why this cat does this. Holy shit, Cena did this crazy, I can’t even explain it, really. It’s like he was gonna do a sunset roll up, but Owens stopped it, so Cena was just hanging on Owens’ back, but then flipped him into a …snap sunset flip, if you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. This one ends when Cena hits the Spring Board Stunner and then the AA. Even Cena haters can’t hate on this one after it’s over, as they give a standing O. Really, it’s a hell of a match, and proves once again that Cena is the fucking man. Ain’t no one else can hang with this cat. Afterwards, Cena does the show of respect, which Kevin gives into for a minute, before popping the crowd like crazy by powerbombing Cena into the edge of the ring. Great, great stuff.
John Cena wins with the AA at 19:11 | ****3/4

Kevin Owens vs John Cena – Battleground 2015
We start off in a bit of the same fashion as the last two, with a few move variations. Cena’s able to hit the top-rope leg drop, but Owens once again eats knee when he goes for the Swanton and Cena counters. OK, they’re kind of getting lazy here, as it’s the 3rd time now I’ve seen Owens do the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and the 3rd time I’ve seen Cena put Owens in the STF, only for him to reach the ropes, at which point Cena pulls him away in order to slap him in it again, except Owens rolls over and kicks him away. I’m perfectly cool with Cena doing the Snap Sunset Roll Up again though. Geez, for the 3rd time Cena attempts to give Owens a superplex, only for Owens to reverse it with the same cradle suplex. KO hits an insane looking neckbreaker, where I thought he was gonna do a cradle suplex, but instead he just drove Cena’s neck into his knee. They got me. I thought for sure Owens was done after a top-rope AA, I even had my finger on the stop button of my stop-watch app. That was great. Owens is pretty much dead at this point, but still has a bit of fight, so Cena puts him into the STF for the eventual tap-out. Honestly, I wasn’t gonna give the match that great of marks until the last 5 minutes or so, simply because they rehashed so much from the other matches. But those were some great near-falls. Not quite as good as their second match, but better than the first encounter. Great stuff, and a hell of a trilogy.
Cena wins when Owens taps at 22:10 | ****½

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins – WWE Heavyweight Championship – Royal Rumble 2015
Right away Lesnar shows why he’s my current favorite, as he dominates literally everything in his path. He freaking suplexed J&J Security both at the same time. He then begins throwing Rollins and Cena around like it’s a hobby. Crazy spot where Lesnar puts Cena in the Kimora lock, which Cena tries to escape by standing up with Lesnar in his arms as Rollins comes flying from the top rope and lands on top of both of them. They absolutely make Brock look unbeatable, as he takes 3 freaking AA’s, for two of which he simply stood right up afterward. Soon after, Cena crashes Brock through the barrier, then hurdles him into the steel stairs before smashing him with them and placing him on an announce table, prompting Rollins to rock a flying elbow drop ontop of Lesnar. This practically kills him, as he lays out for about 5 minutes, which is a good way to keep him out without making him look too vulnerable. Meanwhile, Cena & Rollins are doing just fine. Cena finally gets the spot he attempted at WM25 when he delivers a double AA to J&J Security at the same time. Rollins goes for a 180 twisting splash and actually ends up delivering a 180 twisting head-butt to Cena’s groin. As he goes for the pin, Lesnar shows up outta no where to start crushing everyone again. Rollins flips out of a suplex, cracks Lesnar twice with the briefcase, then goes for the curb-stomp on it, but Lesnar pops up and hits an F5 for the pin. FUCK YEAH. Now that’s a match. That was so much fun, absolutely incredible, I loved every minute of it. There was nothing about this match that sucked, absolutely nothing. So much fun. Yeah, it’s gonna be my first in a while, so let’s make it official…
Lesnar wins with the F5 at 22:41 | *****

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan – Fastlane 2015
Much to my surprise, the crowd is pretty split. As is the match. Bryan outsmarts Reigns, but just as he’ll wind up to hit him with a big move, Reigns has a way to stop it. Speaking of which, Reigns begins the lamest finisher wind up in HISTORY, goes for the move, but Bryan just delivers a seriously harsh kick to Reigns’ ribs. Later, on the outside, Reigns attempts a spear, which Bryan just side steps, and Reigns obliterates the steps. The last 5-8 minutes of this match are where it really starts to pick up, and you really start to believe that Reigns is a bit of a tough cookie. He battles out of submissions and then just starts to pummel D-Bry in convincing fashion. Finally, Bryan goes for the Running Knee, only to eat the Spear and the loss. This match is exactly what Reigns needed going into WM. He looked like a bad-ass, and that he was very capable of handling himself. He didn’t win by a fluke, which is good, and withstood quite a bit of punishment. Good stuff.
Reigns wins with the spear at 20:22 | ****1/4



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