WCW Monday Nitro – February 10th, 1997


Jacksonville, FL

Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero
These guys start off with a great Malenko/Guerrero exchange that sees them hitting each other will all sorts of flips, head-scissors, arm-drags, and power-slams, it’s great. They’re just getting started when Syxx shows up to steal Eddie’s US title. However, Eddie sees it this time and chases after him to get it back. He does, but he ends up getting counted out. Short amount of time, long, whatever, any amount of Dean vs Eddie is good stuff.
Eddie loses via count-out at 5:05 | **

DDP comes out with a chair and sits in the middle of the ring. He says that he has a bullseye on his forehead, and he’s tired of waiting for something to happen. So, if it’s gonna happen, let’s do it now. However, instead of the nWo, he gets Sting & Macho. Stinger does the thing with the bat where he says “Hey, hit me if you want”. DDP doesn’t, and they both leave the ring. Okie doke.

Bobby Eaton vs Konnan
Bobby gets a few licks in at the beginning, but Konnan quickly catches him with a Cradle DDT, and that’s that.
Konnan wins with the Cradle DDT at 1:20 | NR

Ron Powers vs Lex Luger, nope, wait, I mean The Giant
Ron Powers looks like Kenny Powers’ brother. Before Luger can make it to the ring, Bischoff runs down and cuts him off. We get footage of when the Outsiders attacked him last week, and now because of the cast on his arm, Bischoff refuses to let him wrestle unless he gets clearance from a doctor. So, The Giant comes out to take his place. It’s about what you’d expect, and ends in the Chokeslam.
Ron eats the Chokeslam and pin at 1:49 | NR

We get the sweet WCW Saturday Night commercial.

High Voltage vs The Steiners
High Voltage is just a couple of unknown cats who lift-weights with matching singlets that have pink electricity on them. Now, just in case you thought there was no way High Voltage could be the most generic team ever, their names are Rage & Kaos. Naturally they don’t last long, as this match is really just a way to show off The Steiner’s power before the 4-corners WCW tag team match at SuperBrawl. This one ends when Rage eats the Steiner Bulldog.
Rage takes the Steiner Bulldog and is pinned at 4:27 | *

Bischoff, Syxx, and The Outsiders come out, and take over the announcers booth. Bischoff says that Randy Anderson wanted to talk to him, so he calls him out. Randy shows up with his family, in an attempt to beg for his job. Bischoff, in fine form, tells the children to tell their father he’s still fired. Such great heel work, Bischoff is truly underrated. Randy Anderson’s church thought this was legit and actually took up a collection for him.

The Outsiders vs The Extreme – WCW Tag Team Championship
OK, I take it back. High Voltage is not the most generic team ever, it’s The Extreme. I tell you, rule number 1 in don’t-do for tag-team wrestling is have your name on the back of your outfit. There has, and never will be, a tag-team that was awesome that had that. EVER. They of course kill these guys again, only this time they finish them both with a chokeslam and The Rack.
Outsiders win at 1:17 | NR

Rey Mysterio vs Steven Regal [C] – WCW TV Championship
I hope these guys are allowed to go a while, because if so it’ll be great. Regal controls in the beginning, with Rey able to catch him here and there with some big-time moves that shake Rey each time. Regal also jaws with the crowd, which is something I miss from heels. Especially when he does the thing where you flex your biceps, but use your other hand to push it up and make it look bigger. Classic. They were really ramping up, with Rey hitting Regal with a ton of different roll-ups, and some great false-finishes, only for the bell to ring out of nowhere. Apparently, the 10 minute time limit was up. At 7 minutes. Are they counting the other 3 minutes for entrances? Either way, it sucks, because these guys were just getting going, and could have had something special.
The 10 minute time limit expires at 7 minutes | **1/2

The Taskmaster vs Maverick Wild
You know what’s SUPER creepy? Watching Miss Jackie rub Kevin Sullivan all over. I mean, man, it’s therapy inducing. Holy shit, Maverick Wild. That has to be one of the worst names of all time. Maverick Wild. It sounds like something you were called when working with a guy named The Bone Ranger when you were young, broke, and really needed the money. Well, regardless, Jackie does most of the work here, as she beats the shit out of Wild while the ref is turned. Sullivan then hits the lamest finish of all time, The Double Chest Stomp. This was more about getting Jackie over, and it did it’s job. But man, having to see Jackie rub all over Task’s chest was a massive bummer.
Maverick Wild eats the Double Stump and the pin at 2:10 | NR

Afterwards, Taskmaster starts going on this ridiculous promo that touches on everything from people in his past telling him to do his job, to a marriage proposal, to Woman being from a community and him being from a neighborhood, to her tucking something under her skirt, which I assume a gun, and he says she’ll pay if she tucks something under her skirt for the strap match with Jackie at Superbrawl. I assume he means a gun. So, yes, it’d be bad if she shot Jackie to death, live on PPV.

They recap the entire segment with Roddy & Hulk from last week.

Hugh Morrus vs Alex Wright
Alex gets a few licks in at first, botches a move which allows Hugh to hit a powerbomb and the No Laughing Matter moonsault for the win.
Hugh wins with the NLM at 2:16 | NR

Chavo & Double J vs Mongo & Benoit
Standard stuff, but they do have a spot where Chavo is able to handle Mongo & Benoit at the same time while Debra distracts Jeff, trying to fix his outfit or some ridiculous thing. Chavo ends up eating the Tombstone.
Chavo takes the Tombstone and the pin at 4:00 | *

The rest of the Horsemen come out and I can only stand it when Arn talks. Because other than that, dear God. I can’t stand Benoit’s promos, all they talk about is Woman, Debra, Double J, and the Taskmaster, and it’s terrible.

Piper comes out for a promo against Hogan who’s there via satellite in nWo Studios, located in Hollywood, CA. Piper talks about how Hogan forced him to break a promise to his son, as he promised he was done fighting, but Hogan gave him no choice. Hogan then comes back with how he lied to his son, and how he attacks people from behind. They both did a damn good job here, but I just don’t think their match at Superbrawl is gonna be able to live up to it.

Summary: A pretty mundane show, really. All the matches that had hope were stopped via some cornball way of getting both men out of doing a job, and everything else was just filler. No real angle advancement to speak of either. I guess they weren’t all home runs in 1997.


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