WCW Nitro – February 17th, 1997


The show opens with the nWo getting out of their limos, and while walking towards the building, in the back, just out of camera, Bubba goes down. The guys all turn around to find him laid out,
unsure of what happened.

Super Calo vs Rey Mysterio
They’re in an odd building, as it doesn’t have a second level. It’s just the floor, the seats that go upward, and that’s it. It’s one of those places ECW would hold a PPV, and it’s a very odd setting for a Nitro. Calo hits a move I haven’t seen before, as Rey stands ringside, Calo stands on the apron, and uses the second rope to launch himself and come crashing down on Rey with a missile drop kick. We then cut to the outside where Bubba is loaded into an ambulance. They cut back, and these guys continue having a great match. It’s funny to say that it’s a standard Cruiserweight match, but it’s true, because it was damn good, but unfortunately condensed due to time. Mysterio hits the West Coast Pop for the pin.
Rey wins with the West Coast Pop at 6:00 | **3/4

Hugh Morrus vs Mongo
These guys actually had a decent match that was hard-hitting and even showed Mongo’s ability sell an injury better than most wrestlers I’ve seen. Hugh goes for the NLM moonsault, but while the ref is distracted, Mongo lays prone but while holding the briefcase, which Hugh’s face crashes into.
Mongo wins after Hugh lands on a steel briefcase, face first at 4:20 | **

Robbie Brookside vs Dean Malenko
Where the HELL do they keep finding these loser nobodies with TERRIBLE names? Robbie is ADORNED in tassels. I mean, this cat saw Ultimate Warrior, saw David Von Erich and thought
“That’s the ticket. But I need to double-nay-1 millionth the amount of tassels they’re rocking”. The match is what you’d expect. However, come the end, Malenko appeared to have NO idea how to put on the Cloverleaf, and instead sort of ended in a Sharpshooter for the win.
Dean wins with the Botched Cloverleaf at 2:53 | *

The Outsiders come out to talk about the automobile accident with The Steiners. They say they have tape that will show that they had nothing to do with it.

The Amazing French Canadians vs The Public Enemy
Grunge works as the babyface in peril, including the spot where the guy finally gets the tag, but the ref didn’t see it, so, no bueno. Eventually Rocco does get in, and they brawl to the outside where Jean Pierre is placed on the table as Rocco crashes through it, rolls him back in, and scores the win for the Public Enemy. A decent match for what it’s suppose to be.
Public Enemy win with the table finish at 4:42 | **

Prince Iaukea vs Steven Regal [C] – WCW TV Championship
I’m stoked for Regal’s match with Mysterio at Superbrawl that’s rocking with no time limit. Of course, that’s all shot down in a huge plume of smoke as Iaukea is able to pin Regal while he was
distracted by Rey Mysterio. Man, that sucks. I was really looking forward to Regal having a match with Mysterio. One thing that happened afterwards that I miss, is wrestlers came out from the back to congratulate Iaukea, treating this win and title like a big deal. It really helps. Still though, dammit.
Regal loses the title after Iaukea rolls him at 3:35 | *

Nick Patrick vs Randy Anderson
This is for Anderson’s job. Man, Patrick is the lamest guy ever when he tries to be tough. Thankfully, they don’t try and work a match here. The ref hands Anderson a fist pack, and Randy
clocks Patrick with it for the win. Of course, because God forbid this angle is stretched out FOREVER, Bischoff comes out and says nope. Now, both refs are fired. Cripes all Friday, couldn’t
they have just left it at that?
Anderson wins with the fistpack punch at .30 | NR

Roadblock vs Chris Benoit
Holy shit, I had no idea how big Roadblock was. He towers over Benoit by at least a food, and out- weighs him by at least 200lbs. Woman is insanely obnoxious, and has this insanely grating voice in which she uses to scream whenever Benoit may be in peril. Boo, I say. Boo. Yeah, I’m sorry, but I have a real hard-time believing that a guy like Roadblock is gonna be put down by a guy head-butting his chest. I don’t care if it’s a diving head-butt from the moon. Standard stuff to get him
ready for Sullivan come Sunday.
Benoit gets the pin after the diving head-butt at 2:29| *

We see the footage of the Steiners car wreck, in which the nWo were fucking with them while driving down the road, and cause them to flip their car ass over tea kettle. The best part is that it’s suppose to clear their name, when in fact it directly proves they’re too blame. Well, at least we know they get revenge by not winning the belts. Also, it’s pretty good editing, as there’s a clear moment when the cut happens, but it’s done pretty seamlessly.

Kevin Sullivan vs Doc Dean
Holy crap, this guy is dressed EXACTLY like Robbie Brookside from earlier. Doc must have been SO relieved when he got to the venue and realized he forgot to pack his obscene amount of tassels,
only to find there was a fellow wrestler who had him covered. Jackie does the same exact move set to him as she did last week to whatever jobber Kevin was working with. He also falls victim to the lamest finisher out there, The Double Stomp.
Doc loses to the Double Stomp at 3:22 | *

Konnan vs Eddie Guerrero [C] – United States Championship
Apparently if Eddie beats Konnan than he faces Jericho at Superbrawl. Hopefully I don’t get screwed again and have to see Konnan vs Jericho. We see him control early with his usual, rolling clothesline, drop-kick to the face, screaming “Ariba La Raza”. Eddie soon works his come back, nails the Frog Splash, and as he goes for the pin, the Faces of Fear show up to prevent it and draw the DQ. Not a bad match, but it would have served a lot better had Eddie been able to get in more than 10 seconds of offense. As the FoF are beating down Eddie, Jericho shows up to save him. Give it a year, and these guys would be two of the best, personality wise, but right now they’re both such
bland babyfaces. Remember, when it comes to Eddie, If The Hair Is Dry – He’s A Nice Guy.
DQ is drawn when the Faces of Fear attack Eddie at 6:03 | **

Horsemen come out for an interview. Same old. Problems here, problems there, Ric is happy, Arn is intense, Chris is boring as hell and wants Sullivan and yawn.

The Giant vs Top Gun & Johnny Swinger
Giant is taking on two cats, since he said he’d face Hall & Nash for the tag-titles by himself, since Luger is out hurt. They never rang the starting bell, but this didn’t last longer than 25 seconds. The Giant then grabs some spray paint and writes Hall on one body, and Nash on another.
Giant wins with a chokeslam for each at .25 | NR

Luger shows up and says he has medical clearance, but Bischoff shows up and says nope, he’s too late. Luger says he’s gonna show up at the PPV regardless. We visit Piper in Alcatraz. He’s hanging out in a cell, and he’s un happy with Hulk. He says he’s
made this personal, and he’s a joke, so it’s go time.

Chris Jericho vs Double J
Not much happens here, as it’s more about advancing the angle with Mongo & Double J. Debra comes out to encourage him, despite the fact Mongo is facing him at Superbrawl. Well, Mongo
comes out and clobbers him with the briefcase, and then says to Debra “What?! That’s what you wanted me to do!”. Mongo is awesome. Jericho pins Double J after the briefcase attack.
Jericho grabs the pin after Mongo slugs him with the briefcase at 2:32 | *

Hogan & Bischoff come out for an interview, and it’s pretty basic. Piper sucks, he can’t touch Hogan. We see Sting & Macho come out for the “view the proceedings” that they’ve been doing lately, but that’s it, fade to black.

Summary: A decent show, but as far as a go home show for a PPV? Pretty damn sub-par. We had a good opener, and some decent segments, but nothing that blew me away.



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