WCW SuperBrawl VII Review


We start off the PPV with Rowdy being let out of Alcatraz, hoping on a boat, and standing on the front of it as it heads for San Francisco. Could you imagine a UFC PPV starting this way?

Dean Malenko [C] vs Syxx – WCW Crusierweight Title
Dean doesn’t play around and starts immediately beating Syxx’s ass with a fury, along with working his left leg over. Syxx is able to turn it into his favor with an Enzuguri, and proceeds with his usual, Bronco Buster, and that rushing leg drop. They stay neck & neck for the last 3rd of the match, but when Eddie runs down to keep Syxx from stealing the belt, he ends up getting Dean knocked out with said belt. A decent match, but I was expecting more, especially from the guy who was voted the best wrestler of 1997 by Pro-Wrestling Illustrated.
Dean eats the pin after eating the belt at 12:00 | **½

Konnan, La Parka, Villiano IV vs Juvi, Ciclope, Super Calo
Not long after the match gets started, Konnan does this awesome thing to Juvi where he does a double-head slap multiple times like he’s an ambidextrous E Honda, or rocking the 100 Crack Fist Of The North Star. What, you don’t know the 100 Crack Fist Of The North Star? Youtube it. And yes, Konnan did that “attatatatatata”. La Parka and Super Calo are in, and eventually they work to the outside where Parka sets up a chair for him to sit in, followed by him flying through the ropes into him while he sits ringside. Ciclope attempts 180 degree twisting moonsault to the outside from the top rope, but slips, misses Villiano and cracks his head. Brutal. Speaking of which, soon after Juvi attempts his 360 splash on Villiano, but doesn’t hit it 100% and lands knee first on V’s face. Fucking ow. Then there was a massive…I dunno, cradle situation with all 6 guys that was like nothing I’ve ever seen, and you’d have to see it to understand it. Konnan finally hits Juvi with a sitdown powerbomb, it was meant to be the finish, but Juvi accidentally kicked out too early, forcing the ref to just say it was a 3 count anyway. I always enjoy that sorta stuff. This was a lot of fun, with a ton of things happening at every moment. Often times a reviewer will deduct points for botches, but these botches were entertaining in their own right, so I have no complaints with them. Good stuff.
Konnan wins with the sitdown powerbomb on Juvi at 9:56 | ***1/4

Rey Mysterio vs Prince Iaukea [C] – WCW TV Championship
Man, I’m so bummed. I was really looking forward to Steven Regal and Rey having a no-time limit match. He’s a great guy to have as a champion, blowing Iaukea out of the water. A few minutes in, and it’s painfully evident that the Prince is no Steven Regal. Thankfully, Rey is Rey, and soon after it starts he sets up Iaukea on the floor outside, then does a running suicide-dive-into-a-swanton onto him, something I’ve never seen before. Alright, Regal is here! He comes down, and just as Rey is about to hit the West Coast Pop, Regal pulls him down and crashes his face into the apron. He throws him back in, and Prince covers him for the pin. However, Iaukea doesn’t want to accept the belt, and Rey won’t accept the win like that, so he’s able to convince Prince to keep the belt as Regal kicks all sorts of ass outside the ring with his shit talking. The match was decent, and picking up near the end, but it wasn’t anywhere near what it could have been with Regal.
Prince pins Rey after Regal’s interference at 8:52 | **½

Buff Bagwell vs DDP
DDP is a hell of an underrated worker, and Buff is extremely underrated in terms of gimmick. They work a great meat & potatoes type match, the kind both were known for, and damn good at too. These guys had great chemistry, and I would have liked to see it go longer. Near the end, Buff starts to demand that the ref counts to 10, like a Last man Standing match, which is pretty funny. But before that can go too far, DDP hits the Diamond Cutter, and this brings out the nWo, so he bails and that’s the match. Again, good times.
DDP wins when the nWo show up at 9:45 | **3/4

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero [C] -WCW United States Championship
Boy, the crowd couldn’t give a shit less about this match. I don’t know if it’s the dead, so dead it’s almost hostile, crowd, or what, but this match isn’t clicking. I think it’d be a lot better if we fast forwarded about 12 months so both of these guys could be their awesome heel personas. This time around, it’s just an exchange of suplexes and flips for the most part. It was a perfectly fine match, and technique wise, levels above what will happen in the main event, but the energy just wasn’t there. Eddie wins this one with a sunset flip roll-up, and in order to make sure they make things even more dry bread, Eddie puts the belt on Chris’ shoulder and says how great he did.
Eddie pins Chris with a sunset roll-up at 12:03 | **1/4

Faces of Fear vs Public Enemy vs Harlem Heat
This was suppose to be a 4-corners match, with the winners going on to be the #1 contendership. But when the Steiners got hurt in the car accident, this was changed to a simple Triple Threat. What the hell? Why not keep it as the number 1 contender? It’d give the Steiners something to beef over when they return. The way these matches work, any one can tag in anyone. This match is decent, with a lot of quick tags and a lot action between the three teams. It didn’t last that long, or work as single elimination, two things I think could have actually seen this match become something memorable. The end comes when Rocco does a sommersault off the top rope into the Barbarian who catches him mid-air, but before dropping the powerbomb Grunge leaps off and splashes the two, allowing Rocco to get the win. Nothing mind blowing, but definitely a worthy inclusion for a PPV.
Rocco pins the Barbarian after a splash at 7:43 | **3/4

Jeff Jarrett vs Mongo
Kinda crazy that Debra went from being Mongo’s valet/wife to marrying the biggest star in the business. Mongo controls early with his power-slams and what have you, not trying to get fancy. At one point Debra gives Jeff a towel to relax for a second with, so Mongo comes up and chokes him with it. Love it. They give an old school back & forth, until the ref gets bumped, Mongo asks Debra for the briefcase, but when she throws it in, Jeff grabs it and clocks Mongo. Now because of that, he’s a Horsemen. So, what, The 5 Horsemen? Obviously not an amazing match, but I truly think Mongo might have been an underrated worker, so long as he just stuck with the old school, power, ass-kicker style.
Jeff wins after clocking Mongo with a briefcase at 8:11 | **

Kevin Sullivan vs Chris Benoit – Death Match
Alright, time for two of the worst promos on Earth to wrestle. I’m going to give them the benefit for the creative doubt and say that they won’t wrestle in the bathroom for the 165th time. Jackie & Woman have to be strapped together, so I don’t know if they’re going to brawl the whole time or what. I gotta admit, I wasn’t stoked for this match, but then there happens to be one of the greatest spots ever. Sullivan takes the strap, wraps it around Benoit’s neck, hangs him from the top rope to the outside, where Jackie goes out and just kicks him straight in the junk, which causes Dusty to absolutely lose his shit. It’s awesome. They brawl to the back, then brawl back to the ring where Benoit sets up a table in the ring, places Sullivan on it, and just as he goes for the splash, Jackie throws herself on top. However, it’s a sturdy-assed table as they don’t crash through it, just spill out to the ring. Benoit then pins Sullivan. Not nearly as violent as I thought it was going to be, but it was actually pretty fun due to the amount of ridiculousness in the beginning, as well as the announce team. Afterwards, everyone lays around to sell it, and you have guys from the back, plus EMTs, but uh, how am I expected to buy this? They were 3ft or so higher than if they were on the ring when Benoit landed.
Benoit wins with a splash at 8:30 | **½

The Outsiders [C] vs The Giant – WCW Tag Team Championship
Giant controls with quite a bit of ease until Syxx comes off the top rope and nails him in the head with a belt. Soon after, Nash has the Giant laying on the middle rope as he bounces off the opposite row and jumps on the Giant’s back, so Syxx attempts a spinning jump kick and absolutely misses by a mile. Thankfully, the Giant didn’t sell it. Later, Nash hits him with a pretty sick powerbomb, and acts like it took his back out. Luger finally shows up, as Bischoff tries to hold him at bay, Flexy Lexy just throws him down and gets the tag from The Giant. Luger hops in and puts Nash in Rack, which is nice continuity since he just hurt it with the powerbomb. He taps out, as Giant chokeslams Hall and gets the pin. Everyone is pretty stoked, but I 100%, absolutely guarantee that Bischoff over-turns the decision, saying Lex wasn’t cleared to wrestle. A decent match, pretty fun, and a great example of classic WCW main events. Not a technical masterpiece, but the crowd was hot, some great spots, and good story-telling.
Nash surrenders to The Rack, Hall is pinned by the Chokeslam, new champs are crowned at 8:53 | ***

Hollywood Hulk Hogan [C] vs Rowdy Roddy Piper – WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Piper is selling this pretty seriously, trying to gouge Hogan’s eyes, and hitting him with a chair, which I was hoping for, because of the seriousness of the angle. But then it starts to change to Rowdy some what playing around, unfortunately, as they literally just throw punches. Wow, this match SUCKS. I mean, SUCKS. Not a bodyslam, not a suplex, neither fucking guy left his feet. It was just weak punches and silly looking offense. This was pretty terrible, and a far cry from theIR much better match at Starrcade. Hogan is put in the sleeper, arm is dropped 3 times, but Macho drags Hogan’s feet underneath the ropes so the match has to be restarted. Plus, Macho gave Hogan a fist-pack, so he clocks Piper just as the match re-starts and pins him. Then Macho & Hogan take turns beating the shit outta Piper. Honestly, I dig their Starrcade match, and because of the seriousness of the promos and such, I thought this would be a little more action packed, but, no.
Hogan wins after clocking Piper with the fist-pack at 11:43 | *

Summary: No absolute classics to come out of this one, and not many breaking the 3 star barrier. Still, it was a fun show with a lot of steady quality in the matches, and with the exception of the main event, nothing was terrible. Although, the main event was bad in that so-bad-but-still-worth-a-watch kinda deal. Also, although no one will cry for Hulk because someone made it hard to do a job, it’s pretty fucking ridiculous that Piper was such a mark about losing that he had to beat Hogan at Starrcade, then have him beat here, only to lose to outside interference.


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