WCW Monday Nitro – Februrary 24th, 1997


It’s the Nitro after Superbrawl that saw Hogan retain the strap against Piper when Macho turned on the world and became the Madness of the nWo.

The Public Enemy vs Mongo & Double J
Kind of an odd pairing here. PE won the Triangle Match last night, and Mongo & Double J are now a new tag-team. Either losing would be a waste of the build for both teams. Haha, the ref’s back was turned, so Mongo grabbed the briefcase and clobbered Double J, which for some reason made me laugh out loud. I love Mongo, he just doesn’t give a shit. I’d give the match a standard 2 star, but I gotta dock a few because Rocco was slow and botchy tonight.
PE win after Mongo clubs Double J with the briefcase at 4:45 | *1/2

Flair & Arn come out, and we get a promo where Mongo says he did what he did because Double J deserved it. Arn & Ric force them to settle their hash and shake hands, and now they all seem eye to eye. Really, Arn was a hell of a promo.

Galaxy vs Jim Duggan
Galaxy is apparently a wrestler from Mexico I’ve never seen. Jim Duggan, unfortunately, I have seen. I like Duggan as a person, but as the wrestler, fuck I hate him. So, he stomps around screaming USA, clotheslines a bunch, then wraps a ton of tape around his hand for the punch to the face and the win. Seriously, why the hell does the ref allow that? USA indeed.
Duggan wins with a punch to the face at 3:19 | *

Joe Gomez vs Hugh Morrus
Just as you’d expect, Gomez didn’t get any offense in, Hugh won with the No Laughing Matter.
Hugh hits the moonsault and pin at 3:13 | *

La Parka vs Ice Train
This combo of Ice Train and Teddy Long was odd. Teddy was fat, and him and Ice Train would constantly scream “westside!” or say something was “too legit to quit!”. I’ve often asked, and fear I’ll never get the answer, but what the hell is an ice train? La Parka tries to fend him off with a few offensive moves, but Train isn’t impressed. He delivers a powerslam and then leaps into the air for a splash and the pin. Afterward, Teddy Long, with his gnarly teeth, gets in the camera and says “It’s all about California and what’s going on over there! That’s why we bow down! Westside is the bestside!” and then Ice Train screams “WESTSIDE!”. Seriously, what the hell?
Ice Train wins with a powerslam at 3:01 | *

Chris Jericho & Eddie Guerrero vs The Faces of Fear
These poor guys must have been so freaking bored being these squeaky clean babyfaces, especially working against guys like the Faces of Fear, who use things like hard-assed powerbombs to get heat. The FoF are using their size & power to work great as heels, as Jericho & Guerrero do whatever they can to try and stop them. It’s working pretty damn well, and I’m appreciating the FoF as some decent workers. Things were picking up pretty quick there, but then Malenko ran down and threw Eddie off the top rope, right into Barbarian’s foot for the pin. Just a few more minutes and a clean finish, you’d of had a hell of a match.
Barbarian pins Eddie after a boot to the face at 7:30 | **½

Juvi Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio
This is during an era when Rey is rocking cheetah prints, and uh, it’s not that cool. Pretty sweet spot right before he wins when Juvi does a spring-board summersault off the top rope, only for Rey to catch him mid-air and powerbomb him. Right after he follows up with the West Coast Pop for the win, which back in the day wasn’t so much a roll up as Rey was driving people’s heads into the ground. Standard stuff, but as always, they just don’t get enough time.
Rey wins with the West Coast Pop at 5:33 | **1/4

We get a sweet On The Road report with Lee Marshall. I always felt bad for Lee, because he was never at the Nitros, he was just scoping the area before the fun got there.

Pat Tanaka vs Prince Iaukea [C] – WCW TV Championship
I have zero idea who Tanaka is, but he does come out to Goldberg’s music, which is odd looking in retrospect. He’s dressed in a Kung-Fu gi, and sort of looks like the cat who broke Bruce’s back in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Short match, Iaukea wins with the cross-body splash, thus making sure that absolutely NOTHING about him is interesting.
Iaukea wins with the cross-body splash at 2:51 | *

Ultimo Dragon vs Dean Malenko
Dean’s mad, so things start off intense, which I’m all for. Ultimo returns the favor by kicking the shit out of Dean. They have a pretty hard hitting match, doing their history of damn good chemistry proud. Great spot earlier where Ultimo launches his feet at Dean’s face when he’s on the outside and absolutely nails him, there was no work with that one. The match ends abruptly as Malenko just starts choking him and doesn’t let up, so he’s DQ’ed. Odd choice for a finish, but it works.
Dean is DQ’ed at 8:54 | ***

Diamond Dallas Page vs Dave Taylor
I really dig Dave Taylor, and wish he was still teaming with Steven Regal. Not much happens before DDP gets Dave on his shoulders and hits a Diamond Cutter. Before getting the pin, The Outsiders show up to distract him, allowing Macho to show up and hit him with a spray paint can before branding him and Macho being given his official nWo shirt. Honestly, Macho was just so fucking cool in the nWo. He looked awesome, and brought a ton of energy to it. We go to commercial, come back to hear DDP was taken out by the EMTs, and now Hall, Savage, and Nash are hanging out in the ring, inducting Macho, and bringing out Hollywood. He then brings out something for Macho, and that’s Liz, who seems to be digging it with the nWo. Liz was one of those deals that just kept getting hotter.

Harlem Heat vs Lex Luger & The Giant [C] – World Tag Team Championships
Naturally, Bischoff comes down and forces them to give up their titles, because Luger didn’t have clearance from a doctor. Of course, what about when Giant pinned Hall, and the announcers talked about how that makes this decision unfuckable? Well, it’s WCW, of course. Luger says he’ll give up the belts, so long as at Uncensored, they’re all on the line in an nWo vs WCW match. Bischoff agrees. At this point, Sting comes down. He enters the ring, and stares down Hogan, who gives him a hug. He then stands with the nWo as we fade to black.

Summary: This episode was a little slow getting started, but then it really picked up. We had some better-than-your-average TV matches, and the stuff with the nWo at the end was great, as they were pretty much at their apex. I have no idea who The Outsiders lose their straps to, but I actually want to see it, because these motherfuckers keep snaking out of it.


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