WCW Monday Nitro -March 17th, 1997


Coming to you live from Savannah, Georgia

Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio
They let us know that if you log on to their website that you can listen to this show with Japanese or Spanish commentary. That’s pretty damn impressive, especially since I’m pretty sure the WWE didn’t even have a website at this point. Rey & Psy went on to have a pretty basic Crusierweight match, with nothing out of the ordinary. I wish they’d give these guys more time, because it becomes pretty cookie cutter when they’re all done within 4 minutes. Rey wins with the West Coast Pop, something Rey hasn’t perfected at this point, as he’s absolutely dumping guys on their head.
Rey wins with the West Coast Pop at 3:45 | *1/2

Arn comes out to tell everyone he’s going away for a while to have neck surgery. He really is one of the best promo men of all time.

Maxx Muscle vs DDP
As DDP comes out, he has a very serious, very somber expression, clearly because of what happened last night at Uncensored with Kimberly. And that, THAT’s the kinda stuff that pro-wrestling fans absolutely appreciate, and something we absolutely do not get with a lot of the current product. Standard DDP match here. Maxx gets him in a full-nelson, which Page gets out of by hitting him with a jaw-jacker, and then following up with a Diamond Cutter.
Page wins with the Diamond Cutter at 1:33 | NR

Afterward he does an interview with Gene, and says that Savage was born to be a chalk outline. Macho comes out from one of the crowd entrances, and tells DDP to take the bass out of his voice when he speaks to him, which I love. He says that Kim loved what Mach’ did to her, and DDP should be thankful. Page then climbs through the crowd and chases Macho out.

Hugh Morrus & Konnan vs Renegade & Joe Gomez
Holy freaking crap. I don’t think there’s a match where I could care less about the outcome than this. The Outsiders show up with Bischoff, and they basically say they’re open to wrestle anyone. This match wasn’t half bad, to be honest. Konnan & Gomez worked the majority of it, with Konnan working his leg the length of the match. He finally got the hot tag to Renegade, who then came in with a couple clotheslines and bodyslams, but then turned around and tagged Gomez back in, which was pretty funny, because Gomez had to be dragged in. Konnan dumped him outside as Hugh hit the No Laughing Matter moonsault for the pin.
Hugh pins Gomez with the NLM at 5:06 | **

Scotty Riggs vs Dean Malenko [C] United States Championship
Not much here. Dean dominates until he captures Scotty with roll-up. Dig it.
Dean wins it with a roll-up at 2:29 | NR

Tarantula & Knuckles Nelson vs The Giant & Lex Luger
Tarantula is a tall, hairy dude with spider-webs on his pants. Right on. It goes just how you’d expect. Both guys end up eating both finishers.
Giant chokeslams Knux for the pin, and Luger racks Tarantula for good measure at 2:48 | NR

Bobby Eaton vs Ultimo Dragon
I’ve often wondered what someone like Eaton makes. He was a pretty big deal in the 80s, was part of the Dangerous Alliance in the early 90s, then became a Blue Blood with Regal in the mid 90s, but now he was just a jobber. But was he a jobber still making that tag-champ money? Either way, this goes exactly like you think it would, with Dragon winning via a top-rope Hurricarana.
Dragon gets the pin with the top-rope Hurricarana at 1:15 | NR

The nWo come out, and say absolutely nothing about Sting and the going-ons from last night. Hogan says everyone is gonna bow to them, and how they’ll rule forever. Bischoff asks if Macho wants to take on DDP, and Savage says that the nWo makes dreams come true, and he’ll take on Kimberly’s wife. Then the Outsiders say they’re willing to face the Steiners again at Spring Stampede.

Alex Wright & Mark Starr vs Double J & Mongo
I actually really dig the team of Double J and Mongo. Another real short one as we get a bit of brawling and double-team moves before Double J throws Mark Starr in the Figure 4, tapping him out. Afterwards, the Public Enemy come out to start a fight with the Horsemen, trash cans and all, setting up a match at Spring Stampede.
Double J wins with the Figure 4 at 1:54 | NR

Scott Norton vs Chavo Guerrero JR
Haha, I don’t know, this seems a little uneven. Chavo is able to get his licks in, some what holding his own for a moment, but of course Norton just rocks the guy with his powerbomb and that’s that.
Norton wins with the powerbomb at 2:35 | NR

The Outsiders vs Bunkhoue Buck and Mike Enos 
This one isn’t your average squash, as Enos & Bunkhouse actually get some offense in, as the mini push for Enos continues. Hall is the one to eat all the offense, with Nash coming into clean up, dropping Buck with the Jackknife while Hall ends it for Enos with the Outsider’s Edge. Funny thing is clearly Hall stopped working out because his strength was toast, and the guy always had a problem getting people up for the move.
Outsiders win after Nash pins Bunkhouse at 4:30 | *1/2

Harlem Heat vs The Steiner Brothers
The guys go full tilt on each other for about 3 minutes, until the nWo comes out and starts on the beat down. Luger & The Giant show up to shore up the ranks and hold the nWo off a bit. Just then, Sting shows up, and the crowd erupts as he simply points at Hogan, who freaks the fuck out. He keeps screaming “he’s pointing at me! He’s pointing at me!” while Buff tries to calm him down.
Summary: An OK show, but nothing amazing. After what happened the night before at Uncensored, I would have thought they’d really deliver on the follow-up. At least they addressed the two biggest angles, Macho & DDP and the return of Sting in awesome fashion.

~ by Caliber Winfield on February 22, 2016.

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