Why Comparing Brock Turner To Brian Banks Is Ridiculous & Stupid


If you have a Facebook account, you’ve no doubt seen this man’s image. Brock Turner. Or if you watch the news, or have instagram, or your eyes have been open at any point in time during the last two weeks or so.

The reason you’ve seen his face so much? Because he got what was perceived as a light sentence for raping a girl, and then of course because a black man received a normal sentence for a rape that later turned out to be false, people lost their minds, and screamed racism, white privilege, and their usual bullshit. Why? Because no one does research, and facts are for suckers.

First things first. I in no way condone what Brock did, or make any sort of excuses.

What Brock did was get blacked out drunk, happen upon an unconscious girl, and sexually assaulted her with his fingers. In the grand scheme of rape, that’s just about as favorable as you could get. If I were raped, and believe anyone would agree, if it had to happen, that’s the way you’d want it. I believe courts look at that sort of like if you’re robbing a 7-11, accidentally drop your gun, and it hits an old lady and she dies, as compared to torture and murder.

Now, a female [PO, I believe, but don’t quote me] came up with his sentence, and based it off a letter from the victim, where she said he doesn’t need jail, he needs help. It was Brock’s first offense, and he also had 30 character witness letters, including one from a judge. That said, sure, he got 6 months, but that’s not the sweet part of it, he has to register as a top level sex offender FOR LIFE. No matter where he goes, that’s with him. His relationships, living situations, jobs, all of it, for LIFE, are completely fucked. It’s a death sentence. That is the justice right there. But no one seems to see that. His life is completely ruined.

So, there you have it. He didn’t get of easy, not by a longshot.

Now, Brian Banks. His accuser said he snatched her in broad day light, and raped her in an alley. At face value, that’s a lot worse than what Turner did. Hence the longer jail sentence. This guy was innocent, BUT HE SIGNED A PLEA DEAL. No matter what, I would never admit to a crime, especially one as disgusting as rape, if I wasn’t guilty. People who scream about this case never seem to mention this, probably because they don’t research.

So, the judge sees a man who pulled a woman into an alley, in broad day light, raped her, and then signed a plea deal. What the hell did you want the judge to do then? This was by the book.

Now, my favorite part, is modern-feminists and Social Justice Warriors are screaming about this, but they’re the ones who say a woman should be believed no matter what when she accuses someone of rape. Do they want the police to start vetting accusers harder? Doing more investigating? No, because then they’d scream “victim blaming!”, “rape culture!”. These are people you cannot win with, and truly only want to complain and find issue.

I truly think if Brock had this great white privilege, he wouldn’t have had the death sentence of registering as a top level sex offender for the rest of his life.

In the case of Brian Banks, I think this proves that we absolutely do have to vet allegations more. WE DO NOT LIVE IN A RAPE CULTURE. Men, women, any sane person is disgusted and horrified by rape. We punish rapists. I personally think it should be a death sentence. But we need to vet them better, because being a rapist ruins your life. Look at cases like Mattress Girl, Jackie of UVA, Duke LaCross, all these giant stories have been bullshit. With exception to UVA, no one even heard about these stories being bullshit. The only reason we heard about UVA is because Rolling Stone did a big piece of on it, and that reporter admits to doing her to best to find the most outrageous story. In America, people soak it up when it’s bad, but then when it comes to the retraction portion, no one is listening. I believe rape is a fate worse than death, and true offenders deserve to lose their life. But we need to vet these stories, and vet accusers, because there are women who use rape allegations as a weapon, a weapon that can end in death.


~ by Caliber Winfield on June 23, 2016.

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