Minute Man Reviews: Southpaw, Hands of Stone, 13 Hours.


Greetings, all. It’s been a minute, but your boy is back, ready to bring the whimsy, good times, and burliness back to Straight Gangster, No Chaser. Fist and foremost, Caliber gets in and out with a few movie reviews. Let’s get it.


First up is 13 Hours, the story of what happened to 6 soldiers in Benghazi when they were about all their was to protect a group of people at an embassy when it came under attack. It’s not bad. There’s some pretty sweet shoot-outs, and well directed action. You dig the characters, and when things get going, they don’t stop. ***1/4 Out Of 5.


Hands of Stone is the story of Roberto Duran, a famous boxer from the 1970s, most known for his fights with Sugar Rey Leonard. DeNiro plays the trainer, and because it’s DeNiro, he’s great. The movie is pretty well done, looks slick, tells a fairly interesting story, but I think it won’t be mentioned in the pantheon of great boxing films in the future. Worth it if it hits Netflix/Hulu/cable. ***1/4 Out Of 5.


Southpaw is written by Kurt Sutter, the cat behind Sons of Anarchy, and it shows, as Southpaw is very urban, and very gritty. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Billy Hope, a once reckless youth who finally made good as a boxer, but a wild, lose-cannon kind of boxer. He has everything in life, but events cause him to lose it all. He ends up hooking up with a trainer to help him get back to where he needs to be, while he tries to piece shit back together. I know it sounds like a lot of common boxing trope, but it works. Southpaw, like I said, is very gritty. Very violent, and dark. It’s also pretty fucking awesome, and I think it’s a shame the movie didn’t get more of it’s due, because it’s damn good. Absolutely look for this one any chance you get. ****1/4 Out Of 5.


~ by Caliber Winfield on January 2, 2017.

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