John Cena vs Batista – Last Man Standing – Extreme Rules 2010

Your boy has decided to bring back the updates with a vengeance. I’m going to update every day, except Monday’s. 99% of the time it’s going to be a review of some sorts. It could be a random wrestling match, an episode of a TV show that I saw, a movie, a song, an album, whatever. So, without further ado, today kicks that off with a review of the Last Man Standing match between John Cena & Batista from 2010’s Extreme Rules. Dig it.

 Batista vs John Cena [C] – Last Man Standing – WWE Championship
It’s ridiculous for as big as John is, Dave still out weighs him by FIFTY POUNDS of muscle. Batista starts the match by working John’s knee. Not content to just let John fall by his own weight, Dave helps him to the mat with some burly-assed clotheslines and suplexes. Eventually John turns the momentum to his side, landing a 5 Knuckle Shuffle and FU onto a steel chair. Batista answers that count, just as John heads to the top for the leg-drop, Dave sees this and throws the ref into the ropes, knocking John down. I love stuff like that, it’s classic heel. There’s a great moment where after sending John into the ring-post, a kid yells “We hate you Batista!” to which Dave looks back viciously and yells “I HATE YOU TOO!”. Afterwards, he sends Cena literally crashing through the barrier where the time-keeper sits. It’s an awesome looking visual. Speaking of which, Batista sets up the stairs next to a freshly cleared announcers table, plotting to Batista Bomb John through it, when instead Cena sends him splattering to the ground with an FU. Back in the ring, John sets up a table, but his hopes of an FU are dashed when Batista sends him through it with a spinebuster. The match of course ends with John duct-taping Batista’s legs together around the ring post. A lot of people hated that, but I thought it was great. Because it made Dave look strong as hell. John couldn’t put him down, so he had to out-smart him. Then he just looked him dead in the face as he lost. Great stuff. Normally I talk about the high-points of a match, and as you can see, this match had a lot. LMS bouts are hard to screw up. These guys went out there and had one of the best I’ve ever seen. An absolute war where everything around them wasn’t just destroyed, but obliterated. If you haven’t seen this, definitely search it out.
Batista is unable to answer the count of 10 at 24:34 | ****3/4


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 8, 2017.

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