Blink 182 – Dysentery Gary

Today I thought I’d review a song from my all time favorite band, none other than the greatest band of all time, Blink 182. People scoff when I say that, but all they know of Blink are he singles. They don’t know just how goddamn genius they can be, and one of the reasons for their genius is the simplicity in which they say things.
Take a band like Nirvana, Kurt would be singing about the flower on the lion’s tail wanting ice cream, and no one would know what the fuck that moron was talking about. But Blink? You know right away. You relate. There isn’t a moment in life that can’t be summed up in a Blink 182 lyric.
Dysentery Gary is one of those prime examples. A track off their most well known album, Enema of the State, Dysentery Gary is a song about something just about every guy has gone through, when a girl dates a jack-off instead of you. The song beautifully describes the frustration, and the annoyance with the situation, and how you just want to be petty and tell everyone to fuck off. One of the greatest string of lyrics I think they’ve ever written takes place in the chorus, and it’s
“life just sucks, I lost the one, I’m giving up, she found someone, there’s plenty more, girls are such a drag”
And it’s that feeling you have when shit like that goes down, and you feel like a bit of a punk, but are still optimistic.
But then at the end of the song, Tom says;
“Fuck this place, I’ve lost the war, I hate you all, your mom’s a whore, where’s my dog, ’cause girls are such a drag”.
I mean, holy shit, who the fuck CAN’T relate to that? It’s life, perfectly summed up. You lost, fuck everyone, you suck, where’s my dog, because I can always depend on them, and man, girls are such a drag. Of course things will be better, but at that moment? In the words of Rambo, “fuck’em”.
I also love the frenzied guitar riff, and the melodic section that hits when Mark sings. Just a gorgeous song.


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 10, 2017.

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